Stubborn Love

Lennon Martin has experienced more trouble in her 18 years of living than most people do in a lifetime. To take a break from her busy lifestyle a few nights a week she performs on a street corner in London. Just herself, her guitar, and the stray pup Ringo she picked up along the way. She sings her hardships away to passerby's who always just remain strangers in a crowd. One night, much to her dismay, she befriends a strange curly haired fellow and no matter how hard she tries to shake him he keeps coming back into her life. Will she let him in or will she continue to push him away?

Lennon: Uni student, awkward, funny, silly, impatient, broken and stubborn.

*Harry Fan Fic*


1. Chapter One

My cold numb fingers began to strum the tune of a familiar melody. It was late November in London, my favorite time of the year. I know I know, I’m crazy for loving the cold and snow but I’ve always love what goes hand in hand with it. Cozy nights, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, warm sweaters, soup. Mmmm soup. My stomach grumbled at me in agreement. I checked my case to see a few pence lying around as well as some pounds. Eh I can play a little longer.


My names Lennon by the way and yes I’m named after John Lennon. My parents were big fans and they couldn’t exactly name me John, so Lennon seemed reasonable to them. Can’t complain about it really, it’s a good conversation starter. I’m currently sitting on a street corner near the Thames River in London. Why you might ask? Well I’m a street performer. Its not my main job but I like it a great deal more than my other one, which is working in the café just around the corner. I love entertaining people. I hope to eventually make it my main job but for now I’m just attending uni at the University of London.


The sound of Big Ben ding donging away filled the night air and I looked at my phone to see that it was 8:00. This was my prime to play. Most people and families would be finishing up dinner at local restaurants and would be strolling the streets. (Very convenient that there is a Nandos just around the bend.) Since it’s the last week in November many of the Holiday lights have been put up around the city and we had our first snowfall just the other night. To some it might just be a gross cold night but to me it’s beautiful.


I looked to my left and there sat my little furry companion. Ever since I started playing here last year a little Jack Russell dog would come join me. At first I tried to find out if he had a family but no one claimed the him. He was a little mangy guy alone in the world. Much like myself. I love his company.  He often follows me home but never stays long. I’m not quite sure where he goes and I don’t really care to know because he always makes it back at the end of the day. I named him Ringo after the Beatle Ringo Star. I know, cliché right? Lennon and Ringo take on London. Two peas in a pod we are. I gave him a gentle pat and slipped him a cracker from my pocket.


I reached down and took a sip of my water, rattling my brain for a song to sing. I usually kicked off with a classic Beatles song but tonight I was in the mood for a bit of Ginger. I began to strum the chords to A Team by Ed Sheeran.


As I sang the song some people passed by and listened for a minute or two and continued on. Others would casually toss loose change into my guitar case before moving on.  The song came to a close and a small crowd had formed. Mostly couples coming from dinner and some small children with their parents. I rubbed my hands together in an attempt to warm them up but it was no use. I’m an idiot because I left my house without a coat so now I’m stuck in just a sweater. Ergg. I looked up and smiled at the few people surrounding me.


“Any requests?”  A little girl about 8 or 9 stepped forward shyly, clutching a teddy bear in her arms. She looked back up at her mom who gave her a reassuring smile.


She came up next to me and tugged on my arm. I lent down a bit from my stool so she could whisper into my ear. Her warm breath tickled my cold ear but I made sure not to flinch.

“What Makes You Beautiful.” The little child whispered. She had a small lisp so it sounded all adorable when she said it. I pulled away and gave her smile.


“Of course.” She giggled and returned to the safety of her mother’s arms.


This wasn’t the first time I received a request for this song. I’m not exactly a fan of the glorious boy band that is One Direction, in fact I’m not quite sure what they even look like. Nonetheless, after receiving so many requests for the song I listened to it and created my own little version. I slowed it down a bit and added a longer guitar riff towards the middle.


I began the chords and sang the opening verse. After I had finished the first verse and chorus I looked up to find a larger crowd forming. I smiled to myself. I usually don’t get this many people. Probably cause it’s a Friday night. I looked to the little girl who was smiling broadly, I grinned down at her and sang the last line to her.


That’s what make you beautiful.


The little girl giggled and blushed madly. She turned into the comfort of her mother’s legs and wrapped her arms tightly around them. Her mother bent down and dropped a few pounds into the case and I thanked her. Others began to step forward and drop a few here or there. The crowd began to dissipate and continue on with their night. There was one or two stragglers. One was a couple who were being all mushy gooshy in each others arms. Gross. Another was a man in a trench coat with a beanie and sunglasses. Sunglasses? At night? In the winter? Talk about a sketch muffin. I chose to not acknowledge his presence.


I played a few more songs. An elderly couple requested I play The Way you Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. I happily obliged and watched them as they slow danced to the tune. I ended with Moondance by Van Morrison. When I finished I looked up to find the area mostly cleared out except for the creeper in the sunglasses. Go away sketch muffin. I looked down at Ringo for a sign of any guard dog skills kicking in, the little nugget was fast asleep. I nudged him with my hand and I kid you not he opened his eyes, rolled them, and then continued to sleep. That is it, this friendship is over.


I bent down and began to gather up the money from my guitar case. It was mostly coins, great I’ll be jingling away on the bus ride home. I put the change into a plastic baggie and the bills into my wallet. After buckling my guitar into my case and folding up the stool I was ready to go enjoy my Nandos. Cue mouth watering and stomach growling. Ringo was finally waking up, lazy bum. I tossed him the rest of the cracker in my pocket and turned around praying Mr. Sketchy wasn’t still there. No such luck.


I gave him a little smile. “Hi sir. I’m done for the night. Can I help you?” I stepped back a little hoping his response wasn’t along the lines of “oh yes can I rape you?” Cause that wouldn’t be fun.


“Oh right sorry. Um you’ve got a great voice.” The man spoke in a deep voice with a small rasp to it; it was rather sexy... for a sketch muffin.


“Thanks.” I replied kindly and then their was an awkward silence. I was about to say a final goodbye but then the strange man spoke.


“My names umm uh, Edward.” He extended his hand out to me and I shook it. He sounded a bit unsure about his name choice.


“You sure about that?”


“Uh yes Edward is my name. Could I ask you for yours?” Um no cause you're weird and scary and I’m not a fan of identity theft.


“Look I hate to be rude but I’m gunna go. Its been a long night and I’m cold.” I said it forcibly and turned around and began to walk. I called for Ringo to follow me but I didn’t feel his presence next to me. I turned back around to find him being given a belly rub by the strange Edward guy. Traitor.


‘‘Well if you won’t tell me yours at least tell me this little fellas.” I sighed and walked back over to the two of them. Edward didn’t seem to mean, maybe he just has bad fashion sense?


“Thats Ringo.”


“Beatles fan are we?.” He smiled up at me then back down at Ringo. “Hi Ringo. How ya doing little guy? Oh you’re so cute.” Edwards voice changed from deep and husky to a high pitched baby voice. I couldn’t help but crack a smile. This guy was completely harmless. He looked up at me awkwardly and coughed a bit before standing up and brushing off his hands. I decided telling him my name wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


“I’m Lennon.” He smiled at me.


“Someone else seems to be a Beatles fan.” He chuckled.


“Yeah I couldn’t exactly be John so...”


“I like it. It suites you.”


“How could you possibly know what suits me? You don’t even know me.”


“I guess I like to think I’m good at reading people?” He said with a joking tone.


”Oh I see.” Not really knowing how to answer. “Well it’s been great chatting with you but I’m gunna go grab a bite to eat.” I turned once more with Ringo at my side this time getting more excited for the meal awaiting me at Nanados.


“Do you mind if I join you?” His words shocked me a bit. I mean who asks a stranger to have dinner with them? This isn’t some rom com buddy! I turned to face him and tell him off only to find him smiling at me. Dimples. Oh sweet Jesus the guy has dimples. I wish I could just see his damn eyes. It would be so much easier to figure out if he’s a pedo or not. But, nonetheless its not like we’re going to some private place, this is Nando’s were talking about. So, if anything happens I can just yell for help… right? I looked down at Ringo to see what he thought. He was lost in his own world licking away at his… private area. Once again, this friendship is over.


I looked back to “Edward” who was patiently awaiting his answer.


I shrugged “Why not?” I turned around and started walking to Nando’s. I was halfway down the street when I realized Edward wasn’t following me. I turned around to find him just standing there. What the hell is this guys issue?


“Wait… is that a yes!?” He called to me slightly confused.


“Yes! Now lets go before I eat the damn dog!” This got Ringo’s attention. “I’m kidding.” I mumbled down to him annoyed.



We walked to the Nandos in silence. But it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was just silence, nothing more nothing less. When we arrived at the door Edward opened it for me and I gave him a smile before making my way in. The warm air hit me and I then realized how cold I was. My face stung a bit from the change in temperature but it felt good. Ringo ditched us part way through the walk so I was concerned about him getting dinner. He was probably in some back alleyway by now rummaging through garbage. I may not always show my affection but I do love the little guy. He’s kinda the only family I have. I mean ever since my mo- A deep voice broke my train of thought.


“Where would you like to sit?” Edward asked.


“Oh um over there's good.” I pointed to a booth lined against the wall. The restaurant was empty for the most part. Just some other kids my age sitting and nibbling at fries across the way.


Edward nodded and we made our way over. I leaned my guitar and stool against the back of the booth and slid in. Edward sat down on the other side. I picked up the menu and flipped through but stopped when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up to find Edward staring at me.


I gave him an eyebrow raise. “Can I help you?”


He cleared his throat awkwardly and shifted a bit. “Um so how are you?”


He still had his glasses on. “I’m not having a conversation with you till you take the glasses off.”


He paused a bit and sighed heavily. What’s his problem? Oh crap what if he’s blind or something! He can’t be though; he opened the door for me.


“Okay, I will. Please don’t freak out though.” He said pleadingly. Why would I freak out? He looked around the restaurant then slid his sunglasses off to reveal beautiful piercing green eyes.


Yet, they weren’t something one would freak out at. What was he getting at? He looked at me expectantly.


“Why should I be freaked out exactly?” I asked slowly. Trying to read his face.


He let out a sigh of relief and whispered something to himself that was inaudible to my ears before looking up and smiling at me.


I took in his face fully for the first time. Now, with the glasses off, I could see that it was a bit angelic. The dimples were more noticeable in the light and his teeth were pearly white and straight. Soft brown curls peaked out from behind his beanie and I couldn’t help but want to touch them. He looked about my age, 18. He also looked slightly familiar…but from where?


“You still haven’t answered my question.” I was actually really quite curious.

He set his elbows up on the table and leaned towards me. “Later, for now lets just chat. So… how are you?”


I was going to press him further about the subject but decided to just leave it. I leaned back in my seat and took in a deep breath. The delicious smell of curry and peri peri filled my nose.


“Well I’d describe my current state as hungry and cold. Ask me later and I may tell you different.” He chuckled a bit. I mimicked his actions of leaning forward.


“How are you?”


“Well I’d describe my current state as being.” He paused, looked around and thought for a moment before meeting my gaze again. “Happy.”


He opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off by a waiter arriving to take our orders. I ended up deciding on the chicken breast in pita and Edward ordered the chicken breast fillet wrap. Once the waiter finished our order Edward began asking me questions left and right.

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