Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


9. The hospital

We sat in the car, everybody was looking at me like i was some sort of alien.

"what happend?" Louis asked

i told them what happend, and they all looked a little angry, Niall and Harry looked the most angry. We hadn't start to drive yet and soon someone would come and see Caspar laying on the ground, but we just sat in the car looking at him.

"what are we waiting for?" i asked akward

"i don't know, Harry what are we waiting for?" louis asked looking at Harry who was just looking at Caspar with a look that could kill. I looked at Caspar too, and he started to move, he looked very bad, but he deserved it.

"that's it, i can't just sit here looking at him" Harry shouted as he got out of the car and stormed over to Caspar, i tried to get out to to run after him, but the pain in my stomach was to strong, but to my luck, i wasn't the only one thinking to stop Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis was right behind him to stop him.

"come on Harry can't we just go!?" i shouted, but he didn't listen "Harry!!" i tried again, when i shouted the pain was extreme so i started to cry again "Harry!" i cried this time he looked back at me, he looked almost hurt, then he looked back at Caspar, and to my surprise he helped him up, and hold him up in the shirt like he did with me, and he said something to him i don't know what but it wasn't a friendly talk they had, then he let go of him and walked fast over to me, i was standing beside the car holding the door so i could stand up.

"lay down on the seat and take up you shirt" Harry demanded when he was beside me

"why no, it's not that bad" i lied " it can wait until we get home" i said

"Lay down on the seat and take up your shirt so i can see your stomach" he said again

This time i did as he said, i layed down onthe backseats and pulled up my shirt so he could see my stomach. I looked at his face, not wanting to see my stomach.

"let's get you to the hospital" he said helping me up

"no it's fine i swear, my mom is a nurse i ask her when get home" i said

"Ariana your stomach is red, blue, green and yellow. You need you go to the hospital" he half shouted

"i mean it, it isn't that bad" i tried to say but he was already gone to the other side of the car and on his way in to the driver seat. the rest of the boys sat in the car to and i was in the middle on the back seat

"what now?" Liam asked

"we're getting Ariana to the hospital" Harry said coldly starting the car

"so i guess the London trip gonna be another day" Louis said

"you don't say" Niall said sarcasticly

We drove to the hospital, it was a little trip on 15 minutes and all the way i tried to convince them that i didn't need to go to the hospital. I knew i had to but i didn't like hospital, the last time i was on one my dad died so that's some bad memories. The truth is i was in the car crash with my dad, we were on or way to the beach to buy ice cream, when a car came from the side and drove right into us, i wasn't that hurt, but my dad was, i hurried to call and ambulance and then i tried to come out of the car but i couldn't, i sat there trying to talk to my dad but he didn't answer all i could hear was him breathing, so at least i knew he was alive. But the ambulance came and got us out, i had a big cut on my left tigh, i still have the scar from that. Me and my dad was laying beside each other at the hospital, he was in coma, we were laying there for 4 days, and then in the middle of the night i think cause when i fell asleep he was alive but when i woke up he wasn't. I got out of the hospital 2 days after and since then i'd never been on a hospital, and i never planned to come back. But i geuss i had to now. We arrieved to the hospital and Harry got out of the car like the rest of the boys.

"maybe we shouldn't all go with her inside" Liam said

"No, i don't think so" Zayn said

"okay then me and Harry go with her and you other stay here" Louis said 

Louis and Harry walked with me inside, they both helped me as we walked op to a desk with a nurse behind it.

"Hey can someone please tak a look at her, she been punched in the stomach many times hard and it doesn't look good" Harry said to the nurse

"yes of course, can i see your id" she asked looking at me

"ehm... i'm coming right from school i don't have any id with me" i said akward

"oh okay, then what's your full name?" she asked

"Ariana Ella Robinson" i said

she wrote something, down on the computer, then she looked up at me again.

"if you go that way, then the third door to the right, then someone will come and take a look at you" she smiled

We walked down to the room the nurse said we should go to, we all sat down on the chairs that was in the room, and waited, we were silent while waiting i guess none of us knew what to say.

Oh god i have to call Tasha and say i can't have that sleepover, i can't do it while i have it like this. i called her while we were waiting

"hey girl" Tasha said when she picked up the phone

"hi" i said lowly

"what's wrong?" she asked

"i can't have that sleepover later" i said sadly

"oh why?" she asked worried

"you know when i waited for Harry, to come pick me up, Casapar, Simon, Marcus and Jack came and they like... you know they beated me" i told her

"assholes, how bad is it" she asked

"right now i'm at the hospital, waiting for a nurse come look at me" i explained

just as a young woman came into the room

"oh she's here now, gotta run" i said fast

"okay, call me when you find out how bad it is" she demanded and then i hung up.

"are you Ariana?" the nurse asked

"yes that's me" i said

"okay lets take a look and your stomach, should we?" she said and pointed to a brix that i could lay on. she looked at my stomach and she cleaned it and took something on it, and after i guess 30 miutes she was done.

"take this on the bruises 2 times every day and if it keeps hurting like now come again okay" she said giving me some sort of cream.

"yes of course, thanks" i said as we leaved the hospital

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