Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


19. Shopping with Danielle and Eleanor

Arianas P.O.V

"you have guests" i heard Andy say from the garden door

"who?" i asked confused

"some girls, they both been here before but i don't know their names" he said, and i could see on him he was really thinking to remember their names, but it didn't seem like anything was coming to him. I walked over to him and looked behind him to see Danielle and Eleanor, standing there smiling at me.

"hi girls" i smiled as i walked towards them and hugged them.

"hello sweetie. We were thinking that maybe if you want to we could go shopping together" Danielle smiled at me

"i'd love to" i said "i just need to get my bag and some shoes" i said looking down at my feets and then walking towards the stairs to get the stuff. But before i walked up, i took a quik look back at Dani, El and Andy, they were talking already.

"Hey Andy, they're not single" i said looking at him with a judging look, he was really a flirt. Danielle and Eleanor started to laugh, and Andy just looked at me with some evil eyes saying 'fuck you' he already knew they both were in a relationship, i just maked it really akward for him while i was away. I smiled to myself and walked up to my room.


We drove to the mall, and as we parked and got out of the car.

"so something special someone have to have?" Danielle asked

"we need to find a dress to Ariana saying 'sexy, sweet, funny but still serious and smart" Eleanor said looking at me.

"wow, thats something i don't know" i said with big eyes

"well you are going on a date with Harry tonight" she said

"yeah, we've done that 100 times the last 6 months" i said like it was no big deal

"maybe, but tonight you're going to eat a little more exlusive place, and i think it's going to be a special date for you two" she smiled, and i knew she was planing something 'fun' for today.

"how do you know where we're going to eat?" i asked confused, i didn't even know.

"i helped Harry with planing this, or we both did. Me and Danielle" she said looking at Dani who was smiling wide.

Throug the day i looked at 1000 dresses and some of them was really really cute and i wanted them, but El or Dani could always say a bad thing about it, so it took almost the hole day to find the perfect dress, i bought some other stuff, so did Dani and El, we actually had a really nice day, or 2 hours and 30 minutes, but seemed like a whole day.

"THIS ONE" Dani almost shouted when she saw a dress, it was a dark blue/purple colour,  body tight, and with some laces, that i have to give her it was really beautiful, it was like there was an underdress, and then a lacedress, and on the back the underdress wasn't there so it was only laces and you could see the skin in behind. I had to try it on, we all loved it, and i think it's going to be that one, now I'm glad that Dani and El said no to the others i've tried. I took it on and damn, it was just as beautiful on, it fited my body curves really good, and it was like it maked my face bright up, and it wasn't too short it was a little more than half down my thighs. I took it off again and back in my own clothes and then i went to the cashier. Then I walked back to Dani and El who was standing by the door looking out on something, and it looked like it was very interesting.

"Hey what re you looking a-" i started but then i saw what they were looking at "what the... why don't we know about that?" i asked

"I don't know i thought the same thing" El said

"why haven't we seen her before?" Dani complained 

"I thought he was single" i said slowly " not that he have to tell us everything" i said maybe a little annoyed cause he had to tell us stuff like that.

"Oh yes he have, and i wanna know why he didn't" El said and started to walk in their direction.

Eleanors P.O.V

I walked over to Zayn and the girl he almost was eating in the middle of the mall. I stood right infront of them but they hadn't noticed me yet, so i cleared my throat, and got their attention.

"Hi Zayn" i smiled "and hi to you too, my name is Eleanor Calder, I'm Zayns best friends girlfriend, and you are?" i asked her

"Hello I'm Emily Harries, I'm Zayns girlfriend" she smiled back shaking my hand.

"oh really" i looked at Zayn with judging eyes " how long have you... like... been dateing?" i asked akward

"well about 4 months" Zayn said

"Okay, Zayn can we talk?" i asked smiling sweet and inosent to him

"uhm... yeah of course" he said and followed me, untill i was sure Emily couldn't hear us.

"okay first of all I'm really happy for you and she seems sweet and all that, BUT why didn't i know about her?" i asked

"nobody knows, not even Louis and the boys, i didn't want to tell it before i knew we were serious" he explained 

"from what i saw it seem very serious" i said with crossed arms

"Look, i just asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes, it was like a... ehm... happy ever after kiss thing" he smiled. I couldn't help it that was too cute.

"awww, my little Zayn got a girlfriend" i smiled and hugged him

"Why are you calling me that?" he asked hugging back

"I call everyone that when i think they're cute/sweet" i told him " girls come over here" i yelled at Dani an Ariana. I really wanna call her Ari but she asked us not to cause her shitty ex did it and then it reminds her about him.

the girls came over to Zayn and me.

"Zayn have something he wants to tell us" i said exited to the girls

"what???" they both said

"i just got a girlfriend" he smiled

"awwww" they said in choir

"but don't tell the boys i want to do that myself" he said looking serious at us all.

"of course not" Dani said smiling as wide as she could

"i think we have to go, i have to get ready before Harry picks me up" Ariana said looking up from her watch

"what's the clock?" i asked

"4:14" she smiled "goodbye Zayn say hi to Emily from me" Ariana said hugging him and then looking at us, like to say come on we gotta go.

"yeah, goodbye Zayn see you" i said hugging him and then Dani hugging him goodbye.

We drove home to Ariana, we promised her to help her get ready or... we said 'we gonna help you get ready' she didn't have much of a choice. She took a shower while we tried some of the clothes we just bought and then we helped her to do her hair, not that we had to do much before it looked perfect she had the most perfect hair. Then we helped her a little with the make up and then she took the dress on, and she looked absolute gorges.

A/N sorry for letting you wait this long but i just been on vacation, and then it took me some time to you know get started again. But now I'm back, hope you like it and thanks for all the support xx

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