Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


22. secrets

I looked at Harry for a moment, I didn't know what to say to him, I mean it was an easy question, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the truth to be honest... No I had to know it!

"Why did you lie to me?" I asked coldly.

"I don't-" He started in an almost sad tone.

"I've told you everything, everything Harry, so I don't understand why you can't 'trust' me. Since you had to lie to me all this time. Are you cheating on me is it that?, and then every time you've said you had to go for a walk with that stupid dog, then you've just been some little bitch, cause if it's that then I don't uderstand why you've been wiht me for so long. No, what I don't understand is how I could trust you as much as I did. Cause I really did Harry. I thought you were my only one. I let you in, I trusted you, and when my mom died, you were there exept for when 'you had to go with Nico'. You're a sick bastard" I shouted and ran out of the door, I didn't care about all my things, I just had to get away from him. As soon as I got out of the door, I started to walk instead of runing.

"Where are you going? let me explain, it's not as you think, I promise" Harry shouted from the door.

"I'm going home" I said as I stopped and looked at him.

"Ariana sweetheart don't cry, I promise you that it's not what you think, if you just come inside I will tell it all to you" He said as he walked towards me. I wasn't sure what to do, but if the things he said now was true, then I guess, I had to know, so I wasn't mad over the wrong thing.

"Okay, but I swear, if you're going to tell me another lie, then I WILL go home, and you will never see me again" I said and walked past him into the house.

"you can't be mad at me for something I didn't do" Harry said behind me. We walked inside and sat down in the kitchen, where the pancakes stood on the table, and on one of them there was some text out of sirup, it said 'I love you Ariana' you know it's hard not to think that's cute, but right now I had some other things on my mind.

"So what did you do while you were 'walking with Nico'?" I asked looking him in the eyes.

"I worked" He said shortly

"Why didn't you just tell me that then? is t because you're a ma stripper, or something?" I joked

"No. I'm... how shell I explain it? I'm getting people to pay, if they owe Mr. Moore money, and I do it by... ehm... hurting them" He said looking at me, and waiting for my reaction.

"wait... who is Mr. Moore?" I asked starting with all my qeustions.

"He's the one I'm working for" He explained

"Where do you know him from?"

"He once saw me boxing, and saw I was strong and a good fighter, and cold to everybody, so he decided to give me the chance to work for him, as he said" Harry said looking me in the eyes all the time. But I don't understand, 'cold to everybody' I've never thought he was cold to anyone, oh yeah the man on the resturant the yesterday, but otherwise not.

"What exactly do you mean by 'hurting them'?"

"If they don't pay him back when I ask all normal, then I have to be a little more harsh with them, sometimes, I use a knife, somtimes just my fist, it's different everytime. It's some hardcore types most of the time, so I need to do it" He explained still not removing his eyes from mine.

"But it's a long time since you did it last time, out of what I know" I said

"Yeah, he died" He said removing his eyes from mine to the floor.

"who? Mr.Moore?"

"yeah, like I said it was some hardcore people he was playing with, and hw got shot by one of them" He said really sad.

"Why so sad abaout it?"

"The man was like a uncle for me" He said looking me in the eyes again, with a sad, and angry look.

"Oh, I'm sorry" I sad and moved closer to him, took his hand and looked him deep, into the eyes. "I'm sorry that I didn't trust you, it was just all the thoughts coming to my head... I was overreacting"

"It's okay, I should have told you, I'm soory you had to find out this way" He smiled with almost a shy smile.

"No worries" I smiled and kissed him.

A/N Hey sorry for not updating but I've been on vacation, and sorry for the short chapter, but I thought I had to update what I had xx

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