Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


26. school start

Arianas P.O.V

I woke up at 6 am, so I had time to take a shower, and get ready for school. This was the last year of high school, it's unbelievable and crazy. After this year I have no idea what I want to do, maybe get a full time job somewhere, and earn loads of money and then travel the world, and then when I come home go on university. I don't know maybe that's just a dream, that never gonna happen, but I hope it will. 

I got up from my bed, and walked to my bathroom, where I turned on the water, and waiting for it to get hot enough, I was in the shower for about 15 minutes, I didn't have time to be in there too long. When I was done in the shower, I took a towel to my hair and one to my body. Then I went to my room, to find something to wear. I don't know why, but the first week of school after summer vacation, my outfits have to be, I don't know what exactly to call it, but prettier than they usally would look, if you know what I mean. So it took me a while to find something, even though I found something yesterday to wear, but when I looked at it in the morning, it was just not as pretty as yesterday. So I now had to find something new. I ended up with a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a black lose Ramones t-shirt and some white low converse. It wasn't that special, but I liked it. Then I took my school bag and then walked to the kitchen, to find Andy. It's was amazing he already was up, and he had clothes on and everything that doesn't happen often.

"what are you doing up this early?" I asked him as I started to make some tea.

"I'm going with you to school" he smiled

"what? No! I'm not 8" I said, I can't believe he is going to do that

"yes I'm going with cause it's the first day of the last year, and because moms not here to do it I'm doing it for her" he explained.

"well... Okay" I said and just then the water was done boiling, so I turned around to make the tea and then some toast. already getting in to the morning rutine again, after 6 weeks of summer vacation. 6 amazing weeks, with Harry and the parties, Eleanor and the other lads. It just been amazing, the only bad thing was, I missed my mom and dad, but that I couldn't change, sadly.

"Can Tasha drive with us then?" I asked him as I took a bite of the toast.

"No, cause she's going with her parents" He told me in a tone that made me feel dumb.

"oh yeah of course" I said "Oh and didn't you forget something?" I asked him and turned around to take me tea.

"What should that- oh of course" He said when he remembered "Happy birthday" He smiled and stood up and hugged me.

"Thanks" I smiled " Harry's coming to pick me up for dinner later" I informed him

"Well... okay" He said and looked down

"What? What's wrong" I asked concerned

"I just never see you anymore, and I wanted you to meet someone tonight, and I would make dinner to the 3 of us, and we could have a nice night, but it's all fine just go spend some time with Harry, he's good for you" He smiled

"No, I know what we can do" I said and sat down with the tea infront of me.

"What?" he asked and sat down too

"You can just make dinner to 4 instead of 3 and then I invite Harry over to eat here and then we all can have a nice night together.How does that sound?" I asked

"That sounds just perfect" He smiled, he must miss me a bit. But he's right I've been with Harry really much, and not really with Andy, but now that's going to change. "Drink that tea so we can get to the school, we're late" He said while looking at his watch

"Yeahbuddie, just 2 seconds then I'm ready to go" I said and drank some of the tea.  


"Come on it's this way" I said to Andy, who was walking a little behind me, we were really late, and this was going to be so embarrasing, all the kids with their parents, and they would just stare at us. We were close to my class room.

"Are you ready?" I asked before opening the door.

"Yeah, let it begin" Andy said as I opened the door.

We walked straight to the seat I used to sit in, while everyone was staring at us, Tasha and her mom were here, and Melanie with her dad. Everybody staring at us. This was by far the most embarrassing moment in my school life. Everybody just looking at us like we killed somebody. Some of them were probably thinking why I didn't have my mom or dad with me, but only one or two in this room don't know about my parents. Everybody was silent, even miss Peny, who usually would comment on stuff like being late for class, and then the first day of the last year, amazing she shut her mouth this time. Maybe time has changed her, or maybe she's just feeling sorry for us, like everyone else. To be honest I'm freaking tired of people feeling sorry for me all the time, it won't bring my parents back, so it doesn't matter anyways.


2 hours passed and miss Peny, have been talking about everything from what we needed to bring everyday, to what the school kitchen is serving the 3 first weeks. Then like I needed more attention, from the people in that room, miss Peny ended it all with a sweet "oh and a happy birthday to Ariana"

After these 2 hours the first day were done, the first day is always short and we're not doing anything, but tomorrow it will begin. Before we left, I had to say hi to Tasha and Melanie, I haven't been much with them this holiday, I've had a lot of other things I had to do, not I've forgot all about them, I've been with them but just not as much as usual. When we were done talking, me and Andy drove home and relaxed for a few hours before going shopping for tonight.

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