Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


6. Party with Harry

I helped Niall with finding the new Justin CD and he then bought it, and we talked for some time, and then he went home again.  Me and Harry talked everyday, and the days went fast. My friends didn't believe me when i said i was going to a party with him and that we kissed in the start, but i got texts from him in school and they couldn't say they were false. Finally it was saturday, my mom was on something with her friends this weekend, she left last night so i was home alone with Andy, i could be both fun and annoying, so i can't wait to see how it's gonna be this time. I woke up saturday morning at 10 a.m because Andy shouted at me from downstairs.

"Ariana!! there's a gift to you outside the frontdoor!!!" He shouted

A gift to me, uuuh i have to see what that is. I don't know why but when i wake up to gifts i'm easier to wake up, otherwise i'm always very moody in the morning.

"coming!!!" i shouted from my room as i got up from my bed.

I ran down the stairs and saw Andy with a gift in one of his hands and a card in his other.

"who's giving you a gift" he smiled

"i would know if you gave it to me" i said taking the gift and the card.

i opened the card and read it.

Here's a little gift from me, i thought you could wear it tonight. I'll pick you up at 8 p.m xx H

i smiled as i read it and opened the gift. It was a dark purple dress, and i loved it.

"So who is it from?" Andy asked me

ops... he doesn't know about Harry and he doesn't know how i met him, and he don't have to, not because he knows i'm drinking and all that, but he doesn't know that i drove home with a complete stranger and was with him all weekend, he thought i was with Tasha.

"From one of me friends" i said slowly

"who? do i know him?" he asked. Damn it why does he have to know everything

"His name is Harry Styles, and no i don't think you know him" i said going to the kitchen.

"I think i know him he went on my school when i was in school" he said "his a handsome guy, where do you know him from?" he asked

"from a party" i said coldly

"well okay, i can hear that i don't have to ask any more questions" he said and turned around on his heels and walked to his room.

Fianlly! well i love to talk with Andy about what's happening, but Harry is a sweet spot. I'm gonna tell him all that happened last weekend and all that soon but not now.

As the day went i just watched some tv, was on Tumblr. When the clock was 6 p.m i started to get ready, i took a shower, and dryed my hair, then i took on some make up and then last but not least i took on the dress Harry gave me, i was thight with the top cut low and not so long, but it was pretty, very pretty, i took on some stiletos and then i was done. I looked at the clock it was 7:40 p.m so i had some time left. I was really hungry, i had to eat something so i went to the kithen and looked in the frige, and there was nothing special, beside a choclolate cake, i don't know why we had it, maybe it was from mom or something but i could see Andy had been there already. i took a piece of cake and sat in the kitchen and ate it, as i heard someone knocking on the door, i ranup to my room to take my phone and purse as i shouted to Andy to open the door.

Harrys P.O.V

I stod there waiting for Ariana to open the door, i couldn't wait to see her in the dres i brought her, i'm sure she's going to look  hot. The door opened and inside a young man stood, i guess that's Andy, i actually think he went on my school once.

"Hello" he smiled

"Hello, is Ariana here" i asked

"yeah, come inside, i'm just gonna say to her you're here" he said as he walked up the stairs

They had a really big house, and it was pretty inside. I just stood there looking around, when my phone buzzed

- Hey lad, Danielle couldn't make it so i'm just going by myself, Liam

- Sad, you can drive with us if you want to, Harry

-That would be nice :) oh nd Harry?, Liam

-okay we pick you up in a minute then :D What?- Harry

- are you planing on getting drunk tonight?- Liam

-idk yet, but i think Ariana is- Harry 

-Okay just checking, but see you in a bit :)- Liam

-okay, see you :) - Harry

when i looked up from my phone i saw Andy comeing down the stairs looking at me

"she's ready in a minute, she had to pee, while i think we should have a little talk, yano man to man" he said standing beside me.

"okay" i smiled

"first of all if you hurt her i will personlly kill you, and she's 2 years younger han you so no funny buisness before you're totaly sure she wants to and last if you let her get drunk tonight, she's going home with you,  i'm out with some friends tonight so i can't take care of her if she's drunk. got it?" he said seriously

"got it" i agreed 

"good then have fun" he smiled and walked away

Arianas P.O.V

i took one last look in the mirrow before going down to Harry.

"wow" he said as he saw me

i blushed a little as i walked over to him "thank you" i smiled

"no prob you look amazing" he said with a sirk on.

"you're not bad either" i smiled "and thanks for the dress it's beautiful" i said looking down at the dress.

"thanks, and you're welcome" he smiled "shall we go" he said opening the door

"yes" i said walking out the door.

"we just have to pick up Liam and the we drive to the party" Harry sai as we sat in the car.

"Okay that's fine" i said

we picked up Liam and drove to the party, the clock was already 9 p.m when we arrived. The house was huge like really it looked like it was the queens holiday house or something. We went inside and there was loads of people, and like i thought i didn't kno anyone, but i guess that that's actually is good cause if i then do something embarrasing they wont know who i am. I've seen some of them in the music store but only 2 or 3 times so that's no biggy.

"i'm gonna get us some drinks, just wait here" Harry said as he walked to the kitchen i guess

"okay that's fine" i smiled


"Niall have you seen Harry" i shouted 

"not since 3 minutes ago were you two almost ate each other" ha said seriously

"you mad bro?" I asked making a weird face

"no, it's just you've been drinking really much and it's not good for you and i actually care for you, you know that right" he said taking my hand

"aww you're really sweet, but hey i'm almost sobber i mean i can go without falling or anything" i said after giving him a big hug.

"okay then... show me" he said pointing out the floor wanting me to go a straight line from him and to the wall and then back again without falling.

"okay" i said coldly and started to walk... and it didn't quite go as i thought it would, when i had to turn i fell down on my back and looked like a... yeah i don't know but i looked dumb. Niall came over to me.

"are you alright" he asked helping me up

"yeah, i said i could walk without falling right" i smiled

"but you did fall" he said confused

"i didn't say i could turn around" i said hugging him again

"HEY! get of my girl" Harry shouted with to beer cans in his hand

"hey lad she hugged me" niall said " how much did you drink" He asked

"look Niall i know you have a crush on her you told me before i started to date her, and i'm..." Harry said angry before i cut him of.

"hey did you get me one?" i asked pointing at the beer.

"yes babe, this one is for you" he said kissing me and handing me the beer. i saw Niall shaking his head when i looked back at him but i didn't think more of it, he was problaly drunk.

Harry and i went outside as we drank our beer and we talked. We sat down on the grass and i layed me head on his lap while looking at the stars.

"i know this is our first date and all that, but is it okay i call you my girl?" Harry smile down at me

"are you asking to be my boyfriend?" i asked 

"yeah" he said akwardly

"i would love to be your girl" i said kissing him long and passionate.

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