Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


7. No we didn't

The next day i woke up with Harrys arm wrapped around me, we were in his bed and the clock was 10:25 a.m. I didn't remember anything from last night, actually the last thing i remember was one of many drinks to me. I looked at Harry who still was asleep, he looked so peaceful and beautiful, i looked at him a long time.

"creep" he whispered. i gave a little jump, cause i thought i was sleeping.

"i thought you were sleeping" i laughed

"so you're looking at me while i'm sleeping?" he asked

"well yeah, but i couldn't get free from your arms without wakeing you up and i didn't want to do that and i couldn't sleep so that was the best thing i could do, you know look at you" i smiled

We got out of bed, and ate something. Later i got Andy to pick me up. I don't know were me and Harry are going if he just wanna kiss with me now and then or if he really likes me, it's confusing, he haven't said anything about a relationship at all, by that i mean he haven't said if i don't want one or iff he want or anything. It's annoying cause i actually think i'm falling for him.

I was siting in my room just scrolling trough tumblr, when i got i text from Harry.

-Hey love, i've been thinking all day trying to remember what happend last night, and i remember the most but i have to ask you something, did we like do anything last night? :* xx H

Oh god, i can't remember, and if we did, did we then remember condom and all that and what else did we do.

- i honestly don't know, i can't remember anything, it's actually a little scary, i can always remember small parts, but this time it's all gone, and i don't have a hangover like last time :** xx A

Okay maybe now is the right time to talk to Andy about what happend since that friday i met harry, i know it maybe sound a little weird but Andy is good to girl-talking and he understands me, i would have told Tasha but she's grounded so that's a little bit hard. i walked to Andys room to talk to him, but his friend Tom was there.

"can i talk to you" i smiled looking at Andy

"Yes of course" he said getting up "2 seconds Jack" he said looking back at him

"yeah, it's cool bro" Jack smiled

"What is it?" he asked as we sat down in the sofa in the mini livingroom betwwen his and my room.

i told him everything, first he looked a little angry but when i told him Harry knew Tasha it wasn't that bad. I also told him that i wasn't sure if Harry really liked me or if it only was having feelings for him. I basiclly told him everything, but didn't mention that i wasn't sure if i stell was a virgin.

"Ariana, i'm not saying i'm sure he likes you, but he gave you that dress, and the way he looked at you, i'm pretty sure he likes you, but give the boy some time, like you said you only known each other since last friday" he smiled

"you're problaly, i just haven't tried this before so i'm glad i have you, i mean if i had a sister i would talk to her about it, but i only have you" i joked "hey i have a good idea, you should get a girlfriend who's really sweet and then i can talk to her about it" i said hopefully

"i'm glad i could help" he laughed ignoreing the rest i said. "hey, what are we going to eat tonight?" he asked

"i don't know, i could make some chicken or something" i asked

"yeah that sounds good, do you know when mom comes home tomerrow?" he asked standing up from the sofa

"she said she would be home monday night, thats all i know" i smiled as i walked towards me room. "wait are Jack eating with us?" i asked turning around, to look at him

"2 seconds i will ask him" he said walking to his room and asking him if he wanted to stay or not. "yes he's eating here" he smiled

"okay, i'm gonna go to the suppermarket in a minute then" i said walking into my room

I took some of the food money mom had left us and walked to the supermarket, i was going to make some chicken with salat and bread nothing special. When i came inside i saw Niall standing by the cakes and bread, so i went over to him, to say hi.

"Hey Niall what up?" i asked smiling

"nothing much, just relaxing from last night" he smiled

"yeah it was super, do you know how Harry and i got home?" i asked akward

"yeah, me and Liam helped you" he laughed

"hah, was it that bad" i laughed too "hey can i ask you something?" i asked

"yeah it wa, and yes of course what is it?" he looked at me

"what happend last night, i can't remember anything" i asked 

"well, you and Harry got fast drunk and then you sat in the livingroom and ate each other, then 3 minutes after you couldn't find Harry, and then i asked how much you drinked and you wanted to show me you could walk straight without falling, but you couldn't, so i helped you up and the you hugged me, and then Harry came with a drink to you and saw we hugged and he said i should get of his girl and then you took the drink and you two went outside in the garden, later when i saw you again Harry had been in a fight because there was someone who had thouched your butt and then you asked me to take you and Harry home, but couldn't get Harry in the car so Liam had to help me and then we drove home with you and you went to bed and fekt asleep right away and Harry was laying beside you and hugged you, then we went home" he explained

"wow, much happend last night huh?" i said almost exhosted just cause of hearing it.

"yeah, so how's you and Harry?" he asked akwardly

"fine i think, i mean i don't know if we're just friends or we have something going on" i admitted

"well, Harry likes you" he said sort of torn

"you sound sad about it" i said slowly

"oh i didn't mean to, but ehm... i have to go, i'm actually going to Harrys with the boys they're witing in the car while i buyed a cake, so yeah ut see you" he took a chocolate cake hugged me and walked away.

I foud the things i needed and then i walked home again. When i got inside i looked at me phone i had a text from Harry.

-do you still don't remember anything from last night, i mean about you know the same thing i asked about last time x H

-yes i found out :-) X A

-So? :-* x H

- we didn't do anything, Niall and Liam helped us home and i felt asleep right away, i talked to Niall today and he told me :-* xA

-okay that's good. the boys are here and i should say hi from them :-* xH

- thanks, say hi back, but i otta run now i have to make dinner for me Andy and his friend Jack :-* xA

-okay see you :-* xH



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