Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


3. Meeting his friends

"Hi Ariana"  Zayn said smiling to me.

"Hello Zayn" i said as i walked over to the sofa and sat down beside Niall, i guess

"Hey i'm Niall" he said and we shaked hands.

"Hey Niall, you already know i'm Ariana" i said smiling and looking at the television.

Harry came and sat beside me and started to watch tv like us. A little while after it was knocking on the door again and like with Niall they didn't wait for Harry to come open. When i saw them i felt like i looked like crap even more, i mean these five guys are seriously hot and i'm just siting here in my tight dress from yesterday and Harrys t-shirt over so it looks like the dress is a little skirt, and i slept with my make-up on so that doesn't look that well either, i tried to fix it and it worked a little bit, and then my hair is just up in a messy bun with Harrys pink hairband, and then they're just looking almost like gods or something.

"Hello lads" one of them said. "And who's this?" he asked when he saw me.

"I'm Ariana" i said as i stood up and shaked hands with them.

"i'm Louis and this is Liam" he said

"Hi Louis and Liam" i said smiling "i just have to take my phone from upstairs" i said pointing at the stairs.

I walked up to Harrys bedroom took my phone and just sat on the bed for a little while, i felt a little bad so it was probalbly the best thing to do. I looked at my phone checked facebook, twitter, instagram and all that.

Harrys P.O.V

Just when Ariana was gone the boys looked at me and smiled dump.

"what?" i asked 

"who is she?" Louis asked

"That's Tasha's friend. You know Tasha Joshs cousin" i said looking at them.

"okay... but what are she doing here?" Niall asked

"I was with Josh yesterday and he had to pick Tasha up from this club because her parents found she had been drinking, and she wouldn't tell she was with Ariana to her parents so she asked me if i could take care of her, i said yes and she asked me if she could sleep here till today because her mom would know she was drunk if she saw her and now she's sleeping here untill tomorrow because he had this huge hangover" I told them

"okay, she seems very cute" Liam said

"She's hot" Zayn said

"yeah, she's really sweet, and easy to talk with, a little shy but not much, i mean i understand her we met yesterday i would be shy too if i was her, i mean if was a 17 year old girl and just met a 19 year old boy and been sleeping at his house and stuff" i said trying to explain what i meant.

"and stuff?" Louis asked and looked at me judgeing

"NO come on!" i said 

"we never know with you Harold" he said and looked at the others like, you agree with me right.

"oh stop it, she's too good for a one night stand and she was drunk it wouldn't have been fair" i said 

"well you've done that before" Niall said

"can we please talk about something else" i said

"okay well then, her eyes are beautiful" Niall said "it's like both blue and green" he said smiling 

"yeah i noticed that too" Zayn sayn smiling at Niall.

Oh god these boys were unbelieveble, they've been with her for like 15 minutes or so and they already have a crush on her, at least it took me some hours. But we shouldn't talk about her right now she could come down every minute, and it would be pretty god damn akward if she heard us, at least she couldn't have heard the part where Louis thought i've had slept with her.

"so what are we going to watch today" Liam asked

"well i was thinking we could watch Jumper" i said 

"yeah and after that we could watch What a girl want's" Liam said siting down 

"isn't that a girl movie" Zayn asked

"No i's heard it was a comedy" Liam said

"i feel more for a horror movie" Louis said.

Arianas P.O.V

I've been siting in his room for about 10 minutes, when I heard someone was coming, i tought it was Harry who was coming to ask if i was okay but when i turned around to see it was Niall.

"hey" i said smiling to him.

"hey, i should ask from Harry if you wanted Pizza and if you were okay" he said coming over to me.

"yes! thanks, i'm starving i haven't ate anything all day and yes i'm fine now i just felt a little bad and had to sit down for a minute" i said as i stood up

"okay, then lets go down and order the pizza" he said as we started to walk.

"so what are we going to do tonight?" i asked while we were walking

"right now i think we're going to play FIFA untill the pizza is coming and then we are going to watch some movies" he said

"oh! i'm gonna kick your ass in FIFA" i said laughing a little bit.

"i don't thinkk so, we're pretty good, all of us. But Louis is the best of us" he said smiling 

"i'm pretty good at it too, to be honest i'm better than my brother and his not bad" i said as we arrived to the livingroom 

"we're gonna see who's the best then"he said in a tone saying come at me bro.

I'm gonna kick all of their asses, i'd played this game many times and with many times i mean almost every afternoon before there's dinner and i'm winning over my bigbrother Andy every time, or almost every time, 8 out of 10 times i win, so now i just have to win over these boys too, i don't know why but i just have to win i'm a terrible loser. We ordered some pizza and started to play first Niall and Liam where playing and while they were playing we all talked at laughed, and had a good time. In their battle Niall won and now it was Harry and Zayn, i should play with Louis at last bacause i said i was so good and he was the best of all of them and then he said he wanted to play against me, so that's what's gonna happend. In Harry and Zayns battle Harry won, and now it was me and Louis, and he was really good but i was better like i said i would. At first i was a little scared that i was going to lose because it would be akward if i did because i said i was so good, but i won and now i had to play against Niall and Harry, and sad enough for them because i was the only girl and i won over all of them, i'm actually pretty proud, i would never play soccer but loved FIFA. 

The pizza came while we were playing, but when we were done, we took the pizza ate and watched movies, there was 2 movies on the list Jumper and What a girl want's i'd never watched Jumper but i love What a girl want's. We watched both of them, or me and Liam did we were the only one who didn't sleep in the and of the last movie.

"so i guess you're all sleeping here?" i said akwardly to Liam

"it wasn't the plan but i guess so" he said looking around at the others laying on the sofa and on the floor infront of the sofa.

"well i think i'm going up to the bed instead of sleeping on the floor then you can take the other sofa" i said standing up from the floor.

"yeah i'm gonna do that" he said as he walked over to the sofa

"well yeah i'm just gonna..." i said as i turned of the television "do that, goodnight" i said and started to walk out of the room.

"goodnight" Liam Said from the sofa

I went up to the bedroom took off my dress and then took the t-shirt back on. I walked out to the bathroom trying to find a brush or something to my long dark blond hair, but i failed and just took the hairband and made a messy bun again. I went to bed and looked at the clock it was already 1 a.m i thought it was 11 p.m or something, i really had to sleep now. 

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