Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


2. Hangover

When i woke up the sun was shining me in the face, it was late morning, Harry wasn't in the bed and i felt really sick. I looked around in the room, when sudenly it had to go fast, i ran out to the toilet, and just got there when threw up. I had a bad hangover, actually i didn't get that often when i'd been drunk but this time i had and i felt really bad, i was never going to be drunk again, never again. Oh come on Ariana, i thought you're in a really cute boys house and all you can do is to throw up, well thats nice. I sat beside the toilet so i didn't have to run out there all the time. i took some water from the sink and throw up again, and i did that in a little while.

"Ariana?" i heard Harry say from the bedroom

"i'm out here" i said a little loud so i was sure he would hear me.

"oh, i guess you aren't hungry then" he said when he saw me

"no thanks the last thing i want right now is food" i said looking at him.

"okay it's fine you just say if there's anything else i can do for you" he said and turned around

"hey! is it okay if i sleep here one more night i can't go home with this giant hangover?" i asked hopefully 

"well some friends of mine is coming over later but i don't think they mind that you're here, so i guess you can stay" he said smiling 

"thanks" i said as i had to throw up again Harry came over and took my hair so i didn't have to hold myself.

"thanks" again i said "oh can you go do down and take the hairband i have in my jacket?" i asked him

"you didn't have a jacket on yesterday" he said confused 

"didn't i? well thats just perfect" i said standing up

"i think i have one some place" he said as he started to look in his drawers 

"do you have a hairband?" i asked giving him a questioning look

"sometimes i can't tame this hair so it's easier to do it that way" he said smiling 

"i guess youre right" i said 


Later that day when i felt a little better, and been laying in Harrys bed for hours, i tought that i should go downstairs and talk with him, getting to know him better and stuff. i walked down to him he was in the livingroom watching tv, he was watching some old x factor from 2011 i think, because little mix was there and i was a huge fan of them when they were in the x factor, and it was 2011. i stood in the door behind Harry and watched the television, and i wasn't sure he knew i was there so i tought i'd maybe say something to him so i wouldn't be creep alike.

"i'm glad Little mix won back then" i said while looking at the television and Harry at the same time

"woah! i didn't know you were standing there you gave me a chock, what are you? a ninja or something?" he said smiling 

"if i tell you i have to kill you" i said walking over to the sofa

"yeah, and we couldn't risk that" he said laughing 

I sat down on the sofa, and it was a bit akward i didn't know what to say and it was like Harry was expecting me to.

"so... who did you vote for that season?" i asked pointing at the television

"I was a big fan of Little mix too, there 4 really talented girls" he said looking at the television

"yeah, they're crazy talented" i said

"ehm... Harry?" i said slowly

"yeah" he said looking at me now

"do you know how i got this soapeye" i asked him taking me hand up to my blue and purple coloured face

"no, no i don't it was before i met you, maybe Tasha knows it" he said

"yeah maybe i'll ask next time i'm with her" i said looking at the television again but the show was done and Harry turned it of. "So what do you want to do the rest of the day?" he asked akwardly

"didn't your friends come over?" i asked

"yes but first in 3 hours" he said looking at his watch.

"well we could get to know each other better or something like that" i said smiling

"Okay but... ehm... exactly how are we gonna do that?" he asked

"okay first you ask me a question, then i answer and after that i give you a question" i said

we did That long but didn't ask alot of questions, because everytime one of us answered we started to talk, we had alot in common, i mean we both liked singing, we both liked Ed sheeran and Little Mix and we both only had a mom. the last one we talked about for a long time and i started to cry when i told how my dad died and he wouldn't admit it but he had tears in his eyes when he told his dad was drug adicted and he hadn't talked to him since he was 11, and it was only because he was close to dieing and he was on he hospital to say goodbye but he survived and already a week after he came out from the hospital he was on drugs again. I felt really bad for him, at least i had my dad all my life untill i was 13 when he was in a car crash and died. We kept talking and started laughing because we talked about child memories and stuff we talked about almost everything, and it was nice. We watched 3 episodes of The big bamg theory, and was just started on the 4th, when i had to pee, so i asked Harry to pause it and then i went up stairs on the bathroom, but as i walked on the stairs i heard someone was knocking on the door, and before Harry got up and opened the door the person outside opened it and walked in.

"hey lad!" he yelled to Harry 

"hello Niall" Harry said walking towards him and bro-hugging him.

"how ya doin'?" Niall asked

"i'm fine got a lot to tell you all but lets wait till later with that" Harry said

"can't wait" Niall said walking to the livingroom and siting on the sofa. "watching some The big bang theory huh? i love that show" he said starting it.

"yeah, it's a great serie, do you know when the others are coming?" Harry asked as he stood behind the sofa.

"yeah, Liam and Louis was going to the supermarket to buy some snacks for tonight and then they're coming, and Zayn are on his way right now" Niall said as he was looking at the tv.

"okay, great. i'll be bacck in 2 seconds i just have to pee" Harry said as he started to walk towards the stairs.

I ran into his room so he didn't knew i had listened to their conversation. I ran out n the toilet and closed the door, just as i heard Harry enter the room.

"Ariana?" he said on the other side of the bathroom door "are you okay?" he asked

i opened the door and saw him standing right outside.

"yes i'm fine, what's up?" i asked him

"ehm... it's because my friend Niall are here now and the others are coming in a minute, so if you want to come down and say hi, you can like do that now or you can wait untill they're all here or you can just stay up here if you don't feel like saying hi" he said 

"let's say hi now why wait?" i said smiling and going towards the door.

"well okay" he said following me.

We walked down and there was 2 guys in the sofa watching The big bang theory their backs was turned to us so they hadn't seen us comeing, so we stood there don't know what to do, this was pretty akward, after a minute Harry cleared his throat, and they looked at us.

"Hey Zayn" Harry said smiling

"Hi Harry" he said smiling too "and?"he said questionly

"Ariana" i said intertoucing myself.

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