Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


4. Going home

Arianas P.O.V

When i woke up i felt i great, not like yesterday and i was sure it was going to be a good day. I got up from bed and took the same clothes on like yesterday, and then i went on the bathroom to fix my even more ruined make-up, i tried to brush my hair with my fingers so it didn't look like crap. I looked in the mirrow thinking of what i really looked like, i looked at my hair that was so boring it was just long and dark blond, i don't understand why people say my hair is so beautiful. I looked at my skin that was a tanned a little bit, i t could've been more but i haven't been thinking to get tanned over the summer, and my body yeah, i'm defaintly not fat but i wish i was just a little taller, i like my eyes they're special, when i was younger i wanted to have brown eyes, and i hated my eyes really much, but my dad said i shouldn't hate on what i looked like cause the way i looked was what maked me to me, and i was perfect he said. When my dad died, i always remember myself on that, it reminds me of him, and when i'm thinking of all the things he always said to me and my mom it's almost like he's still here.But i shouldn't think of that now then just start crying so i hurried to get done and went downstairs, i could hear the boys was awake, they were in the kitchen talking. I stoped on the stairs where i could hear what they were saying, i felt like a creep but i wanted to know if they talked about me, and they did, not in the start but after a minute or something.

"i think Arian's cute" Liam said quitly.

"Back of Liam you have a girlfriend" Niall said both serious and for fun.

"that doesn't mean i can't say i think she's cute, it's not like i'm saying i love her" he said

"Oh come on you're not having a crush on her have you Niall" Louis asked

"Well maybe and why not?" Niall said quitly.

"Well i don't know, you met her first time yesterday, and it's obiveis that Harry had a crush on her before any of us did, so if anyone is gonna get her it's gonna be him" Louis said

"You talk about it like she have nothing to say in that case" Harry said

"does she?" Louis joked " no i don't mean it like that Ariana is a sweet girl, and of course she have to choose that her self, and not to mention it i think she make gret friends with Eleanor and Danielle" Louis said

Eleanor and Danielle who the fuck was that? maybe it was Liam's girlfriend one of them, and Zayn or Louis the other one, or it could be some of their friends, or some of their sisters or something i don't know, but i'm gonna find out. i sneak upstairs again and then when i was on the top of the stairs i walked casuelly down. 

"goodmorning boys" i said as i entered the kitchen.

"morning" they all said

"Want some breakfast?" Harry asked as he turned around and looked at me, and i saw he was making eggs and bacon.

"yes, thank you, i'm sick hungry" i said and sat down beside Louis at the table.

"So you got a little too much last friday huh?" Louis asked while smiling dump

"yeah, ha. ha not funny" i said rolling my eyes

"well you shoudn't drink" Liam said and joined us at the table.

"there's many things i shouldn't do that i do" i said coldly

"someone's in a bad mood today, did you expect something after the movies yesterday" Louis said with a smirk on.

"haha you're very funny today, no i'm not i a bad mood i'm just thinking about tomorrow" i said aleady tired

"what's hapening tomorrow" Zayn asked also siting with us now.

"first of all i have to get early up, because i'm gong to school and when i'm in school Tasha problaly told everyone what happend last friday and then i have to tell everyone what happend all weekend, and when i get home from school i have to make my homework before i'm going to my song lesson, and after that i'm gonig to training and then home take a shower and in bed" i explained to them all

"wow that's a long day, i feel tired by you just telling me about it" Niall said

"yeah i agree, but what training is it?" Harry asked coming with the food.

"it's boxing, it's only my third time up there but i like it" i said as i took some food.

"really? i'm boxing too but i guess it's a little more serious than yours" he said smiling

"do you? cool, yeah i think so, i haven't been in any battles or anything, pretty oivous when i only been there 2 times" i said smiling back at him

"yeah, but i haven't been there some time, been busy with some other things" he said while eating.

"so what other thing do you do?" Zayn asked

"let me see, i have school, song lessons, boxing, i work in the music store down town, i'm to a party almost every weekend and yeah that's it i think" i said counting the things on my hands

"you're busy, huh?" Zayn said

"No i have time to what i need, i mean song is only one time every week, boxing is only monday and thursday, work is 2 or 3 times on a week and the partys i can just say no to if i don't feel like going" i said calmly

"so boxing? do you like it?" Harry asked

"yeah i do but our trainer, Ben his freaking me out sometimes, we have this bitchfight going on you know, he calls me lazy and i just give him a sassy answer" i said smiling 

"haha, Ben's okay, you just have to know him. But he isn't used to people answering him sassy again, they're usally sacred of him" he said laughing

We talked while eating, and like i said i would i found out  who Eleanor and Danielle are, Danielle is Liams girlfrind and Eleanor is Louis' so thats great. we were also talking more about last friday night and about my song lessons. These guys were amazing to be with i didn't feel like i was 2 years younger than them, they were funny and listened to what i had to say it was nice. After breakfast we watched some tv, and then Zayn and Liam went home and a little after Niall did too, so now it was only Louis, Harry and me back.

"well i better go soon too" Louis said

"yeah me too" i said

"If you want i can drive you home Louis offered.

"yeah that would be nice" i said standing up from the sofa

"so now you're all leaving me" Harry said with a fake crying face on

"get over your self Horold" Louis laughed

"well should we go?" i asked as i took my stilettos on.

"yeah, i'm gonna go out and start the car while you get all yor stuff" Louis said

I didnt't had much stuff with me only my shoes and my phone but i stayed till he went out to his car.

"oh yeah, your shirt " i said starting to take it of.

"no that's alright i can always get that" he said smiling 

"well okay, then goodbye" i said and hugged him we hugged pretty long tie and when the hugged stoped as a reflex thing i think i was only a inch to kiss him and was close to kissing me too, but of course Louis had to ruin that by yelling at me from the car. 

"yeah i have o go" i said pointing at the car

"yeah, see you around, do me a favour and text me when your home" he said smiling

"yeah, i gonna do that, promise" i yelled as i sat in Louis' car

we drove for some time i told Louis were i lived but we didn't talk much before...

"you know i can beat you in FIFA right? i was just nice to you" Louis said looking at me instead of the road

"look at the road" i fast said "and yeah of course you were nice to me" i smiled.

We arrived in front of my house and i got out and thanked him and went inside.


"see you tomorrow" i said to Tasha as i waled away from the school. It was wedensday i had to go to work right after school. I'd been texting with Harry the last 2 days and we're getting pretty good friends, i guess that's good because he's god damn cute. i arrieved to work and just went around in the store with Finn who was working with i was sorting out all the CDs and he was cleaning the instruments, it's been a pretty boring day, theres been about five costumers throug the hole day. i heard the day open but didn't pay attention to that there was my favorite song on in the radio and i had to be done with all these CDs before i could go home. i stood there looking at a CDs backside to see the tracks that was on it, as two big hands covered me eyes.

"guess who" a raspy deep voice said.


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