Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


12. Eleanor Calder

Arianas P.O.V

It's been some days since all that with Caspar happened, my body didn't hurt that much more, it sure as hell wasn't gone, but it was better. The day after it happened, Harry and i was together all day at my house, we didn't do anything special, just talked, went for a little walk, maked food and watched movie, we were both suposed to be in school but i wasn't going because of the pain, and Harry wanted to be with me, and he said it didn't mean anything to skip one day. Tonight i was going to have a sleepover with Tasha, Acacia and Tanya, it is going to be nice to talk with them, there alot to talk about, cause it's been a while since we talked, lots of things happened. I was going to make some pancakes for tonight as desserts so i had to go to the supermarket to buy what i needed, i walked down there, with my ipod in my ears, then it went fast. i got inside the supermarket and walked a little around, when i saw a girl, smiling to me and waving to me, i gave her a little weird look, and waved back, now she started to walk over to me.

"Hello Ariana" she smiled

"ehm... hey" i said confused

"don't you remember me?" she asked giving me a weird look.

"no not really" i said now even more confused

"wow... i knew you were drunk but not THAT drunk" she laughed

"so who are you" i asked slowly

"I'm Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfrind" she said shaking me hand " we met at the party, but it doesn't seem like you remember" she smiled.

"oh sorry, hey Eleanor, how the hell could i forgt that i've met you" i said

"why should it be so hard?" she asked confused

"it's because i overheard the boys talk and Louis said that you, danielle and i would be great friends once we met, so i've been really exited to meet you" i smiled

"oh but we had alot of fun to the party, we danced, laughed and dance, and then you were close to smoke, because some guys asked you if you wanted to try, but i stopped you because i've been there and when you first start it's hard to stop again" she smiled

"hah, thanks" i laughed

"so subject change, you and Harry?" she asked exited, it was a little weird i've never talked to this girl before or i have but i don't remember, and now it's almost like we're best friends and i should tell her everything, but i think it's because she so sweet and nice.

"oh me and Harry, i really don't know, we aren't in a relationship, but i really like him, but i don't know if he like me like that or if he just is an amizing friend" i told her

"i see, have you done anything?" she asked

"what? no!" i said a little loud

"okay relax, was just checking," she smiled " but give it some time, in some point he have to show his feelings, how long have you known eachother?" she asked

"i don't know 3 or 4 weeks" i said slowly.

"you know it took Louis 3 months for him to say he loved me, and the wait time was worth it" she smiled

"you're right, i just have to wait till we're both all sure" i smiled

"so what are going to make?" she asked pointing at my shopping cart

"i'm going to make pancakes, i'm going to a sleepover with my friends and i'm making the dessert" i smiled

"you know, i'm the best in the world to make pancaked" she said

"oh really i'm pretty good too" i laughed

"i can help you if you want" she offered

"oh that could be nice then we can go home to me and talk instead of in the middle of the supermarket" i smiled

"yeah, that sounds good, but i have to go around 4 p.m cause i'm going for a dinner with Louis today, and i have to take a shower and find some clothes and all that" she said as we started to walk

"that's perfect, i have to go 4:30 p.m cause i'm going to help my friend Acacia with the food" i said

We walked home to me, talking about everything, i mean all from cosmitics to socks, she was really nice and we had alot of fun making the pancakes. when we were done, we took one pancake each, so we could taste them, and then the clock was almost 4 p.m.

"well i better get going" Eleanor said getting up from the sofa

"okay, but it was nice, i had alot of fun today, we gotta do that again" i said as we walked out to the front door.



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