Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


20. Date night

Arianas P.O.V

El, Dani and me were siting in the livingroom, talking for a bit. We talked about El and Louis, Dani and Liam and a little bit about me and Harry. After a little while El and Dani had to go, they didn't want to be there when Harry came. So i just waited for a littlebit, untill i heard someone knocking on the door, and i already knew who it was.

"Hello Harry!" i smiled at him when i opened the door

"hey babe" he smiled and hugged me

i hugged back "yeah, don't call me that" i said slowly.

"okay honey" he then said with a smirk on his face

"not good but better" i smiled and kissed him.

"let's go" he said and pulled back

"course" i said and closed the door.

We drove for a little while, actually for a pretty long time. It was a beautiful trip along the coast, and loads of happy people. After i don't know 15 minutes of driving, we arrived to maybe the most beautiful and nicest little resturant, just beside the water and with a great view, we where pretty long away from the town so there wasn't any noise from the cars and stuff. I got out of the car and looked for what the resturant was named but i couldn't see any sign.

"what's this place called? It's really beautiful" I asked Harry amazed

"S'illot, it's spanish" he said walking over beside me and looked at the little place.

"Nice" i smiled and looked at him, then he kissed me and we walked over to the little place.

We stood in the door, for a little while before a servant came over to us, and showed us to i think one of the tables with the best view "here you go Mr. Styles" he said and then we sat down "i'll be back in a minute with some menu cards" He then turned around on his heels and walked away. There was a few people here, a group of 'young men' around 23 they were 5, another couple on a date, 2 families and then me and Harry. I looked at Harry, who was making weird faces to a little baby from one of the families, and maked her (i think) smile and laugh. I smiled at him, he was really cute. Now the servant came back with the menu cards and gave us one each.

"have you decided what you want to drink?" he asked looking at us

"i'll take a water" i said "no wait! I'll take a fanta" i changed my mind.

"and I'll take a cola" Harry said looking at the servant.

"so a big fanta and a big cola?" he asked looking up from his notes

"no sorry, a little fanta" i corrected him

"yeah, I'll take the big cola" Harry smiled 

"a little fanta and a big cola" the servant mumbled. "I'll be back in a minute with your drinks and to take your food orders" he smiled and then walked away.

I really loved going on resturants people were always happy, well almost always, and you could choose something special to eat that you would never get at hoem, and last but not least your with someone, and not lonely, sometimes when you just take some food at home and sit infront of the tv and eat it you can feel so lonely, and I never do when I'm resturants, not because i don't care about all the people that are on the resturant beside you and the persons your with, but it's like you can talk about things you can't do other places. I once read about a man and wife, and every single time they were mad at each other they went on a resturant, or i think it was the same resturant every time, cause it was the resturant he proposed to her, and on that resturant they could always get friends again cause they remembered how much they loved each other.

"so Ariana, I've been thinking about something" Harry said insecure, a tone I actually never had heard him in before.

"Okay, what?" i asked curiously

"How am i going to say this not too cliché, or nerdy?" He asked himself

"that doen't matter it's just me you can ask what you want" I smiled

"Okay, now I'm just saying it... you know we've been dating for a long time now, and i was thinnking... if you wanna be my girlfriend?" He looked at me and smiled a little "does that sound to kindergarden?" he asked embarrased 

"No, no not at all, it was... perfect" i smiled wide.

"so...?" He sai expecting me to answer his question.

"of course i wanna be your girlfriend" i smiled even wider even though i didn't thought i could. We both lent over the table to kiss each other, after a little while he puled back, cause the servant was back.

"so what do the lovebirds want to eat?" he smiled

"I'll take a chesse and ham omelet" i smiled back.

"and I'll take a hamburger with... bacon and cheese" Harry said and looked at the servant while he wrote down the order. The servant gave us our drinks and then he walked away again.

We kissed again then Harry pulled away " i love you Ariana"

"i love you too Harry" i smiled, i still remember the first time he told me that


i was sleeping at Harrys place like I'd done the past week. I had nightmares again about my mom, dad and Caspar, all in one, it was horrible. I woke up because of my own scream, and i was sweaty.

"what's wrong Ana?" Harry asked still half asleep

"I had a nightmare again" I cried still scared of the nightmare

"Come here" he said, slowly sitting up and pulling me over to him. He then hugged me tight while i cried.

"your safe here" he wispered "I will always keep you safe"

I didn't say much I just cried. He kissed my forhead, and i really felt safe, and slowly i stopped crying. It's amazing what a nightmare can do to you.

"Sorry, i woke you up" i looked him the eyes

"Don't say sorry, i will always be here for you, and do you know why?" he asked 

"why?" i asked curious

"because i love you to the moon and back, do you know that?" he said

a smile covered my face now "i love you too"

~end of flashback~

The servant cam with our food and it looked delicious. We started to eat, while we talked, but suddenly Harrys phone rang, he looked at it " I'll be back in a minute" he smiled and stood up and walked away. I ate a little, but not much i didn't wanna be done when he came back, so i looked at the view from our table. When suddenly i heard someone talk right beside me.

"Oh did the little prince charming leave you" aboy from the group i noticed when we arrived

"what are you talking about?" i asked confused

"well that doesn't matter I'm right here for you, and that Harry Styles isn't good for you" he said in a creepy tone

"what the hell?" i asked now more angry

"oh haven't he told you how hw earn money?" he asked

I looked at him in disgusted, when i heard someone clear their throat i looked up and saw Harry standing beside the table "Hey Rob, do you mind leaving my girlfriend alone" he said and i could hear on his voice he was mad, but tried to hold it back.

"Why I'm just haveing a little chat with your her" he said pointing at me

"no you didn't" i said as cold as i could

"now go Rob, I'm not in the mood for this" he said

"wow wow, relax don't hit me!" he said and stood up and ran over to 'his' group again.

"sorry for leaving you" Harry said as he sat down again

"what was all that about" i asked

"i don't know we were friends once but then stuff happend and now we're not friends anymore" Harry explained "but lets forget about him, he's a asshole"

"yeah" i smiled and we started to talk about something else, while we ate our food. This was the best day of my life and nobady could ruin it, but i couldn't thinking about what this Rob said about Harrys work. We drove home to Harry, and watched a movie, it wasn't that good, or maybe it was but i had some other things in my head, that i had to make happen, so when the movie was done, I kissed Harry and it got really passionate, then he carried me up to his bedroom still holding his lips on mine. We were laying on the bed and he started to take off his clothes, then he looked me right in the eyes "are you sure you're ready to do this with me?" he asked

"I've been waiting 6 months to do this with you, I'm sure" i smiled

And I'm sure you can guess what happened that night.

A/N Hey everyone, I'm really sorry that it took me so long time to update! and soory if it's a crappy chapter :( the ast part i didn't know how it should be and I'm not the big smut writer so this is all you get if it's okay, otherwise say it to me :-))

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