Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


8. Caspar

"So you were to a party with Harry and his best friends, and then you slept with Harry after the party?" Tasha asked amazed

"yes i was to a party with Harry and his best friends Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam, and no we didn't sleep together that way, i mean we were sleeping together but we were sleeping" i tried to explain

"oh okay, it would be stupid of you doing it the first time while being drunk" she said

"yeah, so how is it with your mom and dad?" i asked changeing the subject 

"well i'm not grounded anymore, and my dad is talking to me again, so i guess it's going good" she smiled

"good, then wanna sleep at mine today?" i asked taking a bite of my sandwich.

"yeah, course. Then after school we can go home to me to pick up some stuff and then home to you, is that fine?" she asked

"yep, that's a deal" i said while chewing my food

"you're so charming" she laughed

"someone has to be, right?" i smiled and burped loudly so all in the canteen could hear it

"seriously, that was grose" she said while laughing

"just proving that i'm the most charming girl on this school" i said proudly

The rest of the girls joined us at the table, and we ate our lunch, and talked, you know girl talk, we were laughing and having fun, untill Caspar and his friends came to our table.

"i hear you're with an older guy now, did i say you could that" he said seriously while looking at me.

"i didn't know i had to ask you" i said coldly

"well you are my girl so i think you should" he said with a grose smile on his face

"i WAS your girl Caspar untill you chose that because i didn't want you're tiny penis inside me, you didn't want to be with me, and that's 9 month ago" i half shouted

"HEY! you shall not talk to me that way or i'm gonna make you pay" he said angry

"uh-huh how?" i said coldly

"Let's just say i have pretty much power of who's the popular and who's not on this school" he whispered in my ear

"Oh! so now you gonna say to all you're friends that they not shall talk to me, last time i checked was most of them more my friends than yours" i told him

"Let's see Ari" he said with a smirk on

"don't call me that" i said in disguets 

"i'm gonna call you just what i want to sweety" he said kissing my cheek 

i couldn't do it, he was so annoying, and he just thought he could do exactly what he wanted to, but when he kissed me on the cheek he had went to far. I can't believe that 9 month ago i was in madly love with this guy, we'd been together for almost 2 years, and all the way trough i told him i didn't wanna have sex, cause i wasn't ready, he understood. Untill one day he was going to sleep at my place and he just didn't understand when i said stop so he started to almost rape me, he was to strong for me to push him of me so i screamed to get him to understand i didn't wanted him to do it. Andy was the only one home other than us, so when Caspar kept doing what he was on his way to, i started to shout on Andy, as loud as my lungs allowed me to, and thank god he heard me. He came into me room and saw what was happening and he got Caspar of me and started to hit him in the face and in the stomach, untill i got up and stopped him. I got Caspar out of the house, and pretty much ended our relationship, since then he hadn't talked much to me, before now, when he found out i am seeing another, and then god help me he kissed me on the cheek. Maybe it's just a little thing for someone, but since what he did i couldn't stand him i wanted to throw up if he neared me. So when he kissed me on the cheek, my head almost blowed of and i pounched him right in the face. he felt of the bench, and i stood up looking at him.

"don't you dare kiss me or" i shouted looking down at him

"or what Ari, are you going to send your brother after me again" he said standing up

"if i do that i'm not sure he would let you away alive this time" i said walking away

i don't know what happend, i just had so many things in my head, and then when he kissed me, all the things came back from that night, and i couldn't stand it. I started to cry, so i ran to the girls bathroom, no one should see me like this, i was sitting on one of the toilets, i was crying and i didn't know what to do so i tried to take myself a littlebit together, and then i called Harry, i knew i could talk with him.

"Hello" i heard his voice say

"Hey, how are you?" i asked wanting to start a convercation

"good, i'm in school right now. How about you" he asked

"oh me i'm fine, i'm just... yeah you know" i said not knowing what to say

"hey, is something wrong" he asked worried

"No, no i'm good" i said trying to sound convincing

"no you're no, what happend" he asked. Shit how could he hear that something was wrong.

Oh fuck it! i told him what happend between me and Caspar 9 months ago and then what happend just 5 minutes ago.

"go to the parking at your school and wait there i will pick you up in 10 minutes" he damanded

"no you don't ha.." i started but he hang up

I walked to my locker to take my bag and, at my locker Tasha and Acacia stood waiting for me, i told them that i was going home and that, Tasha just could come home to me around 5 p.m or something, they understood why i went home, and maked sure i knew they always would be there for me. I hugged them goodbye and went to the parking. i stood there and waited for Harry to come in his black range rover when i heard some boys laugh and talk a little distance away from me, i looked in their direction and saw Caspaer and his friends Simon, Marcus and Jack on their way over to me, great, i don't have the energy for this bullshit.

"oh are you waiting for your brother to come kick my ass again" Caspar said 

"go away Caspar i don't wanna talk with you" i said coldly

he came over to me holding me up in the shirt, and having his face so close to mine that i could smell his breath and eww that wasn't good.

"listen up, Ari if you ever hit me again i swaer i will break every bone in you're body" he said coldly "and just for your information i kiss you when i feel like kissing you, and if i feel like calling you Ari i will call you that" he said slowly " and then guys don't you think we should give her some of her own medecine back" he said just as Simon and Jack took each one of my arms and Marcus was looking at the school so he could say if someone was comeing. Caspar stood infront of me, i looked him right in the eyes, i really didn't think he ever would be like that, but i guess i was wrong. Then i felt him hitting me hard in the stomach, and he kept doing it over and over again, i felt to the ground as i saw behind Caspar, Harrys car stopping and all of the boys jumping out of the car, and runing over to us. Marcus and Jack startedd to ran away when they saw them but Caspar and Simon stayed.

"oh, is this your little boyfriend" Caspar asked looking at me "then wich one is it, no i know it you like their little slut aren't y"

he said but was cut of by Harry who pounched him right in the face cause him to faint, then Simon also hurried to run away.

the pain inmy stomach was bad, really bad, it felt like someone had stapped me with a knife 100 times all over my body, and i felt really dizzy too.

"Ariana, what happend, are you okay?" i heard Zayn ask as they all sat beside me

"no my stomach really hurts" i said takeing my hand to my stomach

"was that Caspar?" Harry asked

i looked over at Caspar and then back at Harry "yes it was" i said 

"come let's go to the car" Louis said helping me up and Niall also helping me as we walked over to the car.


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