Ariana loves to party and drink, but she have to keep it secret from her mom because she won't let her drink. One day Ariana is partying with her friend Tasha, Tashas dad finds out she's drinking and she have to come home, but what are Ariana going to do she can't go home and she can't go with Tasha, thats why Tasha gets her cousins friend Harry Styles to drive her home to him and take care of her.


1. Can't go home!

Arianas P.O.V

"Woohoo! this is life" i shouted to Tasha trying to talk louder than the music, but failed.

"how much did you drink?" she shouted back looking defeatist.

I looked at the almost emty bottle in my hand, then at her, then back at the bottle and then back at her again.

"just a couple of these" i said trying to convince her

She looked at me with that i know you're lying right now just tell me the truth now look.

"okay maybe a little more, but who cares i'm 17 no one can tell me to stop" i shouted and started to dance

"your mom can" she said

"well my mom isn't here, is she?" i said looking at Tasha

"no but..." Tasha started but i cut her of

"let me buy you a drink" i said " you're a bit boring right now"

"i can't say no to that" she smiled

we walked over to the bar to get something to drink, i got my drink and then some boy came and took me out on the dance floor and started dancing with me, but i wanted to get back to my drink and Tasha, but when i came back Tasha wasn't there. I started to drink and dance again, but i couldn't find Tasha. i started to get really dizzy everything was spining around and i had to get out, i needed to get some fresh air. So i walked out, i got out to the fresh air and started to walk a little away from the club. Step for step i started to feel more and more dizzy and i had to sit down, lay down, i was in the middle of the side walk just laying down with closed eyes.

"HEY!?!" a voice shouted in my direction.

I ignored it and hoped it wasn't me he shouted at. I was now looking at the stars instead of haveing closed eyes.

" Hello, is everything alright?" he was right beside me now looking down at me.

"yes, i'm fine" i said standing up, but felt too dizzy and felt down on my butt again.

" No, you're not okay i can see it" he said

"well do you want a medal or something for that one? " i asked sarcatiscly " maybe i'm not all okay, but why do you care?" i said mumbeling the last part.

"well i care because if what's happening for you right now, one day happens to me i would be happy is someone helped me" he said slowly.

"that's really nice of you, but what's happening for me right now? i just feel dizzy and had to sit down" i explained to him.

"no you got some drugs in your drink, it happens all the time in there" he said pointing at the club.

"now come here" he said and started to help me up.

His words was echoing in my head "you got some drugs""it happens all the time in there" how did he know he couldn't be sure that i got some drugs.

"what about Tasha?" i said as we started to walk.

"i talked with her a minute ago, her dad called and said she should come home, so she asked me if i could take care of you so she could go home" he said

"do you know her?" i asked 

"yes, i'm her cousins friend" he said

"Okay, oh and my name is Ariana" i said 

"mine is Harry" he said looking at me like i'd done or said something funny.

We were walking over to all the cars, and he then said that i should wait while he got his car, so that's what i did, waited. Oh god what was i going to say to my mom, i was susposed to sleep at Tashas because her parents wouldn't be home, and wouldn't notice we were drunk, but i guess the got home earlier and found out we weren't there. I bet i smelled of alcohol from a long distance, my mom would know i'd drinked, and she wouldn't be happy. She told me that she wouldn't let me drink before i was 18 at least, but i guess i have to live with the fact that i can't go out before i'm 20.

As i stood there thinking over what i should say to my mom, Harry came in his black range rover. I jumped in and he started to drive, in the start it was quiet, but then he asked me were i lived and i just exploded with all i had on my mind about my mom couldn't know i'd been drinking. First he didn't say much and i tought i scared him, but then he said " you can sleep at my place, if you want?"

" YES! i would love to, thank you so much" i said smiling from ear to ear and hugging him.

We drove a bit when i started to think what he said when i asked why he cared about me, and then later said that it was something he promised Tasha, so i had to ask him about it.

"well... ehm... it sounded a little more gentleman the first one, didn't it?"he said smirking 

i agreed, but i still don't understand why didn't just the truht in the first place. We drove home to him talking about "nothing"

We came home to him. he lived alone in a medium sized closest to big house, i didn't understand how could he pay for that his only 19, but that doesn't matter.

We got inside, it was pretty in here. I took of my shoes and sat on the sofa in the livingroom while Harry went to the kitchen. He came back with a glass of water and gave it to me.

"so is it okay if we both sleep in my bed or should i sleep on the sofa?" he asked

"it doesn't matter to me if we both sleep in your bed" i said standing up from the sofa.

I was slowly getting to myself, Harry gave me loads of water and that helped alot. we were going upstairs to the bedroom and i layed in bed about to go to sleep.

"Are you going to sleep in that dress?" he said with a darkblue t-shirt in his hand.

"well i was, but now that you offer that, i think that's a much better idea" i said getting up from bed again i took the shirt and went to the bedroom to change.

"hey it's fine with me if you change out there i'm just saying if you do it in here i don't care" he said with a smirk on his face showing his dimpels.

" yeah.. i'm gonna go for the bathroom" i said closing the door

When i came back, he was in bed looking at his phone.

"have you seen my phone?" i asked 

"yes, it's here, you forgot it in the car" he said handing me the phone.

"oh thank god! i always forget it, thank you!" i said taking the phone

I opened it, i don't have a lock on because i always forget it, and can't open my phone. I go to messages cause i wanted to send a text to Tasha to ask how bad it was with her dad and stuff, when i see there's been send a text saying "Ariana" to Harry, WHAT!? i don't even have his number or did i get it earlier no, no i don't think so, i would remember that.

"did you send this text to yourself?" i asked pointing at the screen.

"yes" he said shortly, laying fully down.

"you could just ask for my number if you wanted it" i said

"yeah but this was easier, and how could i know you would give me the right number" he said

"oh... if you put it that way" i said laying fully down too.

"what do you mean" he asked

"you make me look like a bitch that wouldn't give my number to such a sweet, kind and good looking guy like you" i told him

"Do you think i'm sweet, kind and good looking?" he asked

"yeah, yeah i do" i said conviencing both me and him

"you too" he said while smiling.

"thanks" i said grinning 

He thinks i'm pretty and sweet aww. He is sweet, i mean he's letting me sleep at his place so my mom won't find out i'm drunk, and the way he talks to me, but there's something creepy about him too i just don't know what it is.

" good night Ariana" harry says turning of the lights

" good night Harry and thanks agian" i said closing my eyes

"any time" he said

And then i fell aslee.

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