Born 2 Hate U

I never expected to land a record deal.... I never expected to meet One Direction... Heck, I never expected to hate them either....

==================================================================================================================== The name is Arie Scott. Being best friends with X Factor judge Demi Lovato, has it's advantages, parties, boys, premieres, boys... She might've even landed me the record deal of a lifetime...

When she gets me the deal of a life time, I grab it.

But that sweet little deal comes with a price....

Five little months with a certain boyband...

You must be like ohh you lucky beach-ball....

I would be lucky...

That is if we didn't hate each other...


1. Wand Erection?!


"Don't worry Arie, you'll do great.", Demi reassured me as we neared the terminal. 

The smell of pretzels, popcorn, and other food hit me as we exited the long tunnel that led to the terminal.

"Easy for you to say. Your Demi Lovato, everyone loves you. Me? Oh well I'm just Arie Scott, social outcast, nobody, and well weirdo.", I pointed out.

She frowned,"You're just selling yourself short again. Your damn fine, sexy as hell, have a fudging amazing voice and heck, you can dance."

I laughed at her little 'switch-roo'. You see, Demi hates cussing. It's her worst pet peeve. And yet she has a crush on Niall Horan, biggest swearer , ever. 

"I guess your right. But please enlighten me, explain why I haven't had a boyfriend in over 3 years?", I asked.

She thought for a moment- smart girl- before answering.

"No guy will ever, be good enough for you."

I smiled. 

"Where did you get that some cheesy romance novel?"

"I'm being serious, Ariette Maya Scott." 

I cringed at the use of my full name.

"What did I say about the-", I was cut off by the sounds of fans screaming.

"Here we go.", Demi smiled, before taking my hand and running with me through the crowded airport. We lugged our bags behind us. It felt like a maze trying to get break free of the never ending line of girls. 

"How many of them are there?", I asked, dumbstruck.

"About 300."

"And they all came", I asked starting to feel winded, Demi still going strong.

"Yup.", she replied popping the p.

Wow. 300 fans following me everywhere I go. I know it was only a fantasy, but I can get used to this...

"C'mon Arie.", Demi pulled me forward and into a dark corner.

As we approached, I heard small mumblings.

"I swear if anyone of you tries any funny business..."

"Cuz she is a pretty fit young lady.", a voice shouted.

"I call dibs!", another voice shouted out.

I stifled a laugh.

These peeps are funny 'yo.

"Hey, Si!", Demi squealed.

Smooth Dems, real smooth...

"Demi. How nice of you to come.", one of the figures spun around.

He looked... old.

Well, a good kind of old. I mean he didn't look a day over well, 75....

Now you see why I have no friends.

"And Arie.", he smiled.

I instantly smiled.

"UNCLE SI!!!!", I screamed.

Good job, Arie! 

Now, you really see why I have no friends.

"Hey, that's what we call him.", an Irish accented- voice called out.

I looked over Simon's shoulder to see not one, not two, but five- yes,five- frigging pairs of eyes glaring at me...who else? 

I glared back at the Irish boy.

"Now Arie. Play nice.", Demi warned.

I nodded and plastered on my best fake smile. I could tell they knew it was fake, because they had fake ones on, too.

"I think she's purdy.", A husky voice called from the cluster-fuck of boys.

"Excuze moi? I called dibs, you dipthong!", another voice called.

Gay. Yup, they are all gay....

I looked at Demi, then at Simon, then at the group, then back at Demi... Simon...the group...back to Demi...

Alrighty, Imma getting dizzy now. 

"So, Arie, let me introduce you to the boys.", Simon smiled.

He pointed to the dipthong- curly boy.

"Hi I'm Harry,"

The one with the cowboy hat was next, "I'm Liam."

Blue eyes," I'm Louis." 

Boy who called dibs, "Zayn."

And last but not least, the really irritating...

"I'm Niall."

Did you ever notice how blue Niall's eyes are?

"And we're One Direction."

I bursted out laughing.

Smooth. Yeah that's right..I'm tight...AWKWARD.

"What's so funny?", Louis asked.

"Really? You guys call your band 'Wand Erection'? Wow, I thought I was weird."

They all stared at me in disbelief. 

"My crush was too, good to be true.", Harry sighed.

"Mine too.", Zayn added.

Liam just shook his head.

Niall glared at me and Lou, well, umm...Lou just ate some carrots.

And then a big bomb fell to their feet...And that is how I met One Direction and they died....

I kid. I kid.

Seriously, can't you take a joke??

"Well, this is awkward...", I sighed.

And this, folks is how I- Arie Scott, social outcast- started an all out brawl with Wand Erection... Well, sort of... Maybe...Ummm....

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