Born 2 Hate U

I never expected to land a record deal.... I never expected to meet One Direction... Heck, I never expected to hate them either....

==================================================================================================================== The name is Arie Scott. Being best friends with X Factor judge Demi Lovato, has it's advantages, parties, boys, premieres, boys... She might've even landed me the record deal of a lifetime...

When she gets me the deal of a life time, I grab it.

But that sweet little deal comes with a price....

Five little months with a certain boyband...

You must be like ohh you lucky beach-ball....

I would be lucky...

That is if we didn't hate each other...


2. Josh Devine a.k.a My New British BFF

I dragged my suitcase up to our room, and only fell 5 times. What a new record!

"How do you manage to trip over air?", Demi laughed as I tripped for the sixth time today.

"How am I supposed to know that there's an imaginary rope were ever I'm walking?", I asked.

She smiled again. "Oh, Arie. What are we going to do with you?"

After my little encounter with Wand Erection... oops I mean One Direction, Demi's been acting all weird. She looks at me like I'm a little kid....I happen to be 17 thank you very much!

"I have no idea!", I chuckled fakely.

We approached the door to our room. '1096'. I smiled. This was actually happening. 

She unlocked the door, as I struggled with the bags.

"Thanks Demi.", I mumbled after she opened the door and walked in, leaving me behind with the bags.

I tripped again for the now seventh time today.

"Ouch.", I muttered, while Demi waltzed around in dreamland.

Some bestfriend...

"Love do you need some help there?", I heard a strange accent from behind me.

My first assumption: Mr. Horan.

"Fuck off, Ni- Oh hello there, Sexual."

The mystery boy's face smiled back. 

What. I just said hi...oh shit. Awkward silence.

Hi Sexual...REAL FUCKING SMOOTH, ARIE. Real smooth. 

"My name's Josh.", he smiled breaking the awkward silence. 

"Arie. Arie Scott."

He thought for a second. "What a pretty name, for a very pretty girl."

"He he he he...Thankss.", I giggled. What! NO! ARIE SCOTT DOES NOT GIGGLE!!!!

"Anything for a girl like...wait your name is Arie Scott?", he questioned.

I nodded.

"THE Arie Scott.", he asked again.

I nodded.

"HOLY FUCKKKK!! IT"S ARIE SCOTT!!!!!!",he screamed.

"I don't get what the big de-"

"Do you wanna be my American BFF???"

"Only if you'll be my British BFF??"


So folks, I now have a BEAUTIFUL SEXI-ASS British BFF.

By the name of Josh Devine. And get this he's a drummer. A fucking drummer. Whooppp!!!!


I slid my shirt over my head and smoothed it out. I looked hot as the Sahara Desert. This is why I have no friends...

I spritzed some of my Wonderstruck perfume on my body. It smelt amazing. I smelt hot...or I smelt like a baby depends.

I looked gooodddd. Maybe my new BBFF will fall in love with me and we'll become unicorns. I like unicorns. Unicorns are amazing. Some of my closest friends are unicorns....

I smiled at my reflection as I heard some muffled voices in the main room. The Wand Erection boys were downstairs. Joy to the World the Dicks have come...

Lol, I crack myself up.

I opened the door and walked out. 

5 mouths gaped open at me.

"Damn, why does she have to look so hot in stripes.", Louis complained. 

I smiled at myself and turned around to the kitchen. Swaying my hips a little more than usual. I heard a whistle from behind me. And then another whistle. I spun around to see Zayn and Harry. 

"Uggh." I turned back around to the fridge and took out a water bottle.

I opened the water bottle and brought it to my lips. 


I spun around and saw Joshy. 

"AHHHH!!!" I dropped the water bottle. It fell onto the table and poured all over...Niall.

"Fuck this! I'm not being nice to her anymore. Listen here Arie, YOU ARE A BITCH! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!", Niall screamed.

I stared at him. 

"AND YOUR IRISH!", I screamed back at him.

"What the hell?", Liam asked, "We know that. And Niall, that wasn't very nice. Say your sorry."

Niall looked at me, his blue eyes gleaming. 

"I'm soooo sorry...", He rolled his eyes and smiled saracastically.

I stared at him, unbelievable.

"You are such a...a...a CUNT!"

"That's ok, bitch face. I already live in a shower of them..."

"Both of you calm down.", Louis shouted.

"Why do you hate her so much?", Liam asked.

"I- Nevermind.", Niall stormed off.

I looked back at Josh. 

"Wait, how did you get in here?", I asked.

"Ummm...Well...I'm the drummer.", He replied.

This day is just getting better and better...Isn't it?

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