Born 2 Hate U

I never expected to land a record deal.... I never expected to meet One Direction... Heck, I never expected to hate them either....

==================================================================================================================== The name is Arie Scott. Being best friends with X Factor judge Demi Lovato, has it's advantages, parties, boys, premieres, boys... She might've even landed me the record deal of a lifetime...

When she gets me the deal of a life time, I grab it.

But that sweet little deal comes with a price....

Five little months with a certain boyband...

You must be like ohh you lucky beach-ball....

I would be lucky...

That is if we didn't hate each other...


4. Interview with the Amazing Allan Carr and a Dash of Daley

I have to admit, dying my under layers red might not have been a good idea. Well, it did seem a good idea a week ago, when everyone was doing it.And then I found out they were extensions.

That is just added to the list of bad ideas that Arie Scott has chosen. Like piercing my belly button. Or losing my virginity in a fridge. Or signing a record deal with One Direction.

Well, life is full of mistakes. Right?

Right. And I might’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life. No, dying my hair isn’t that mistake. No, the record deal isn’t that mistake either. Piercing my belly-button isn’t the mistake. Wait it might be. Cuz it’s hurting like hell. The virginity is out of the question, even though it happened to be in a fridge. Hey, I don’t think this mistake has made the list yet.

Why don’t we add it right now, huh?

OK, so when I was-

Nope. That isn’t it.

When I was-

Oops, wrong one. That was when I pushed Auntie Ellen down the stairs. Yeah, that didn’t end well. I was grounded for two weeks. I learned my lesson completely. Never push your elderly Aunt down the flight of stairs again.

My mistake…Hmm…All this thinking has confused me.


I walked into my dressing room and plopped down on the make-up chair. It was quiet. And peaceful. Perfect.

Tonight was my first interview here in the UK, with the one and only Allan Carr. Sure, it was pretty daring, since he is well known for jump-starting careers, but I liked daring.


I jumped up and answered the door.

“Why ‘ello, there love. I’m Allan. And you must be Arie.”, he introduced himself politely.

I nodded.

“It’s so nice to be here.”,I smiled looking around.

“I’m glad. So, are you ready for hair and make-up?”, He asked.

“Yup! I’m more than ready fo-”, I looked behind Allan to see.

HOLY CRAP! It’s OMG. Can’t breathe. CAN’T. BREATHE.


The Smexi-God.

The things I would do to him. Unff.

“Arie? Arie?!”, Allan shook me.

“W-What?”,I stuttered looking away from the hottest person on the earth.

“Are you okay?”, he asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. So, fine.”

“Are you sure?”


“I’m going to send in wardrobe now.”

Allan walked out of the room, shaking his head. What goes on in that head of his? The world will never know.

Minutes later, hair, make-up and wardrobe came in, to make me lot HOT. I have to admit though, having people play with your face isn’t as fun as it sounds. But, that’s the price of beauty.

Wow, I must sound conceited. I’m turning into a celebrity already.

This is soooo easy.

I stood up from my seat and slipped the shoes I was provided with on. They were a little tall for my liking but, they were sexy. I looked sexy. Maybe, Tom will see me and fall head over heels in love with me. We would make hot kids. Blonde hair, dark chocolate eyes. And then one with brunette hair and blue eyes. I can see it now.

I fixed my shorts and started to walk out of the room. Shutting the door behind me. This was going to be great. I just know it.


“And now bringing out our next guest…ARIE SCOTT!”, Allan announced.

I walked down the stairs carefully, trying not to fall flat on my face. My heels clicked on each step and held my head up high, smiling and waving.

“Ello there dearie.”, he smiled giving me a warm hug,“Just follow me.”

He lead me to the couch and I sat down, smoothing out my shorts.

“Is there anything I can get you?”, he asked pointing to the drinks.

“Umm-”, he cut me off.

“What am I kidding, your only 17 love. No drinks for you naughty girl. Is water good?”

“Is it spiked?”, I winked.

“Heavens no! Why do you want it to be?”

I shook my head no as he placed the water in front of me.

“So, Arie Scott. What’s it like to be Arie Scott?”, he asked.

“Umm, well it’s AMAZING!”, I laughed.

“Well it must be. I mean a new single, best friends with Demi Lovato, crush of Tom Daley, record deal of a lifetime, living with One Direction.”

I nodded. “Wait, what did you just say?”

“Living with One Direction?”, he smiled.

“Before that.”

“Record deal?”

“Nope. Before that, Allan.”

He smiled even wider.

“Crush of Tom Daley.”

I nodded smiling wide.

“He likes me?”

“Well, maybe…”

“Ugggh. Your not going to tell me are you?”,I joked.


The audience laughed.

“So Arie, your going to sing a little song for us tonight? Am I right?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“But before that, we have a little game for you.”

“Oh no this can’t be good.”

“Here, I have a list of the Top 10 hottest male groups and artists right now. All you have to do is answer snog or shag .”

“Seems easy.”

He unfolded the piece of paper.

“First name, Ian Somerholder.”

“That is so easy. SHAG!”

Most of the audience whistled.

“You are such a hormonal teenage girl. Next, Justin Bieber.”

“Snog. He seems to…innocent.”

“Ohhh, innocent. You want someone more, daring I see.”

I blushed and awaited his next question.

“Zac Efron.”

“Shagity shag shag!”

The audience laughed. Allan whistled.

“Ok, next up…ONE DIRECTION.”

Without thinking I shouted.


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