Born 2 Hate U

I never expected to land a record deal.... I never expected to meet One Direction... Heck, I never expected to hate them either....

==================================================================================================================== The name is Arie Scott. Being best friends with X Factor judge Demi Lovato, has it's advantages, parties, boys, premieres, boys... She might've even landed me the record deal of a lifetime...

When she gets me the deal of a life time, I grab it.

But that sweet little deal comes with a price....

Five little months with a certain boyband...

You must be like ohh you lucky beach-ball....

I would be lucky...

That is if we didn't hate each other...


3. Five Little Rapists Jumping on the Couch

We all sat down at the table, at Nandos. When we had fnally managed to get the head dick *cough* I mean Niall  out of the bathroom.

Note: It isn't as easy as it seems.

I was squished in between Irish boy and his curly freak friend, who just so happened to keep his hand rested on my knee. I swear to god if he moves it up even an inch, his hair will "magically" disappear tomorrow. 

"Why do I have to sit near...her?", Niall asked looking me up and down.

"Niall, be nice. If you still want to hold possession of your balls.", I threatened.

He shut up. My work here is done.

I sat down next to Niall. He scooted a little bit over to make room, or maybe it was because I smelt. Nonsense, I took a shower today, and I was wearing perfume. Well, whatever that little Irish-Cunt will not faze me. 

I have decided that Liam is the only reasonable one out of the group along with Joshy-Woshy. They are my British BFF's and I'm their American buddy. This day is great.

Harry plopped back down beside me.

"Hello there, Sexy.", He winked.

"Call me 'Sexy' again and you will wake up tomorrow morning 6 feet under water.", I grinned. He could really get on my nerves...

"OK, everyone is settled right? Good.", Simon checked.

I really felt like raising my hand and asking to change my seat, but that is soooo Pre-School. I'll just grin and bare it.

"Demi and Niall, stop having eye-sex with eachother. There is children at the table.", Liam whisper shouted, nodding towards Harry, Louis, Zayn and I.

"Hey, Mr. British BFF dude, I am not a child! I happen to wear an actual bra not a training one like those girls.", I nodded to Zayn, Louis and Harry. 

Liam started chuckling. YAY! People laugh at my jokes. 

"That isn't funny, Li.", Harry groaned.

"Yes it is.", Demi nodded.

Niall nodded as well. 

And soon the whole table (minus the 3 girls- Louis, Harry and Zayn) was hysterically laughing. 

Ahh, good times. 

"I would sure like to see you in only a bra, Arie.", Harry whispered, sliding his hands up my leg.

That's it, tomorrow morning, say hello to bald Harry. 

Fuck, I don't have their room key.

"3...2-". he quickly took his hand off my leg and sat on them. 

I scare the girl, awww.

Dinner was very awkward and loud. The three girls and the Irish one, all acted like immature little 12 year olds. When the bill came out to $69.69, they were the first to start hysterically laughing. OK OK, I laughed too, but at least I didn't fall to the floor and almost get stepped on, *le cough* Zayn *le cough*.


I walked into the suite and dropped my purse on the armed chair. It made a loud 'thump'. But there isn't anything in the- Ohhh, yeah I have everything in there. 


I walked into the kitchen and took out a candy bar, popcorn and a bottle of Coke.

What? I'm a hungry girl. I made a really big mistake just ordering a salad and a glass of water. Didn't want to show off. 

I popped the popcorn into the microwave and hit the 'POPCORN' button. 

"Baby, you light up my world like no body else-", I started to hum under my breath. 

STOP! Arie, you cannot sing THEM. Bleckkk.

I snapped out of my trance and decided to grab a bowl for my popcorn. 

"They way that you flip your hair-", I started humming the song under my breath again. 

Curse their accents, and looks. 

I quit humming and placed the bowl on the counter and took the popcorn out of the microwave-

"FOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!", I heard voices scream from behind me. 

"Ahhh, RAPISTS!!", I scooped up my popcorn, candy bar and Coke, before running into my room and locking the door.

Pheww! That was a close one I almost thought-


"Umm, HOW ABOUT NO!", I screamed back. 

"Please, I need some popcorn!"

"OK....Make it yourself."

He sighed. 









"No.", he replied.

"OK, The popcorn is all mine. MWHAWAHHHAA!",I shrieked.

"Oh, you little-",Liam cut Niall off.

"Niall James Horan, language."


The voices died down. SO, they left.

The popcorn is all mine... :)

Slowly, I walked to the dresser and pulled out my PJ's. 

I slipped them on and threw my clothes into the hamper. 

Slowly, I walked towards the door. I unlocked it and opened it, slowly.


No Way! GAY SEX! 

I grabbed my camera and ran into the living room type area.

"WHAT- Why are you jumping on my couch?", I asked staring at the 5 shirtless boys jumping on my couch.

"Ummm-",Liam started.

"You like what you see?", Harry winked.

"Eww, NO!"

He looked shocked.

"Any girl would die to see this!", he said tracing his chest.

"Yeah, any blind girl. Woah! You have 4 NIPPLES?", I asked.

He nodded, "Hot isn't it?"

"Uhhh...Sure.", I blushed a little.

"Ohhh, Hazza has a lady friend.", Louis smirked.

"Ohhhh, If you don't stop you'll wake up with your eyebrows burned off.", I spat.

"Lou, If I were you, I'd do what she says.", Demi confirmed.

Since when did she get here and why did she let the four dicks and the one nice one into the room?

"Yup. Demi didn't want to have bleached hair. I did it for her, while she was sleeping."

All 5 boys head's shot up. "Erm... Uh, we have to go now.", Liam mumbled.

"Yeah...BYE!", They all said together before darting out the door.

I settled down on the couch.

Finally, a few moments of silence.

"Why did you lie to them?",Demi asked.

"Just wanted to scare them.", I smiled.

"You do know they hate you right?", she asked.

"Great, Self-Esteem, booster.", I mumbled before walking to my room. 

"Love Ya!", Demi smiled.

"Love ya too, my main Biotch."

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