Born 2 Hate U

I never expected to land a record deal.... I never expected to meet One Direction... Heck, I never expected to hate them either....

==================================================================================================================== The name is Arie Scott. Being best friends with X Factor judge Demi Lovato, has it's advantages, parties, boys, premieres, boys... She might've even landed me the record deal of a lifetime...

When she gets me the deal of a life time, I grab it.

But that sweet little deal comes with a price....

Five little months with a certain boyband...

You must be like ohh you lucky beach-ball....

I would be lucky...

That is if we didn't hate each other...


5. Awkward.

The audience started to 'ooooo'. I'm pretty sure my face was as red as my layers. And I wanted to faint.

C'mon Arie think what can save your ass in this situation?

"I dream about Tom Daley doing dirty things.", I blurted out. Yeah, Not so smart Arie.

The audience whistled some more.

"So, When you look into Harry's eyes you think of a Daley-Scott-Styles three way?", Allan chuckled.

I blushed even more. No matter what I said, I would be doomed.

"Nope, it's more of a Styles-Horan-Malik-Payne-Scott-Tomlinson-Daley threesome. But who's judging?"

This made the audience whistle even more as I grew redder. 

"Ok, That is enough with poor Arie's Sexual Life. I think we've scarred the poor girl. Just to let you know,Hun, not all interviews are like this.", Allan cleared up.

I nodded,"Good to know."

"Alrighty then, Let's ask some less personal questions."

I sighed a sigh of relief. This was going to definitely make the twitter trends, tomorrow. Great.

Not to mention I live freaking across the hall from the guys. And the paps are going to be surrounding me even more. Joy!

I'd rather be in that flipping fridge again, two years ago.

"So Miss. Scott, What is it like to be Demi Lovato's best friend?", Allan asked.

I thought for a moment. 

What was it like to be Demi's best friend.

Well, she was nice. She loves everyone,except plastic bieber, and Niall's ex. But for the most part, yeah everyone. She loves all animals, she's a great singer, she is the only one who accepts the real me and truly understands me.

"First off, Demi was one of my only friends growing up, besides my other best friend Mikki. So, I kind of really rely on her. I was that socially awkward girl in school the one with not alot of friends. The one that would rather read instead of recess. Demi was the other awkward girl in school so we just kind of mended well.", I confessed. 

Allan's eyes never left mine. And I felt the hundreds of eyes from the audience burn into my back. 

"Secondly, she's the only person who really and truly believed in me. She was the one who had pushed me to get the scholarship to that fancy singing school in New York. She was the one to actually push me as hard as I could go so I could be better. With out her, I would be...Lost. Demi is well, Demi. Sometimes I want to crack her in the head with a baseball bat, others I want to hug her to death. But she's a sister to me. And I love her.", I felt the tears brim to my eyes. 

Demi and I might've had a rough patch here in there but we're best friends and I would never get another one like her.

Allan smiled and the audience 'Awed'. 

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.", He smiled.

I smiled back. This interview took a little loop onto the good side of the highway.

Maybe everyone would forget about the little screw up. Maybe?


Im begging you please forget!


Looks like NOONE forgot about the little 'screw-up'. 


This was bad. Like really bad.

You wouldn't believe how many mentions I got. Not to mention the awaiting lecture from my Bestest Friend, Demetria Lovato! 

It's times like these that I wish I could jump out a window and fly. But, I can't because I am not freak of nature, nor am I a bird. So, yeah.

I stepped into my dressing room and started to pack up my stuff. It was quiet again. I like the quietness.

I slipped off the heels and put on my slippers before shutting off the light and grabbing my phone.

"ARIE!", I heard a voice squeak behind me.

I spun around. 

Demi was standing there her hands on her hips, and one of her legs popped.

"Oh, Hey, I was just gonna go..umm..WHAT'S THAT?...OK...I have to go..BYE!", I stuttered.

I pivoted on my foot and tried to run away. But, that bitch was to fast for me. She was suddenly in front of me her hands on her hips.

"Hey!", I smiled.

She shook her head.

"You saw the whole interview didn't you?",I asked.

She nodded.

Fudge Nuggets! Why? She's probs pissed that I said I would shag Niall. 

She opened up her arms and engulfed me in a tight hug.

"Thank you.", She whispered.

"Your welcome.", I replied.


We walked up to the room and Demi opened the door. I waltzed in and tossed my bag onto the lovesuite.

"OWW!", I heard a voice mumble, with a chorus of giggles after. 

I snapped my head around to see...

The Dick crew.

All of their faces went blank as I looked at them.

Awkward silence filled the room.

Oh, they saw the interview too?

I smiled and waved. No response. Great. I walked into the kitchen area and grabbed a can of apple juice.

Yeah, I drink apple juice. So What?

I brought the can to my lips and sipped it. I swear you could've heard me from China it was that quiet.




"What the flying fuck do you want Harold?",Lou screamed.

I started to giggle, along with Demi.

"I wanted to know if you were going to finish your water."

There was a pause.


So much for the awkward silence.

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