Adopted by one direction

This story is about a girl named Ava and she lives in an orphanage. What happens when she has the chance to be adopted by one direction the most popular boy band.


7. Perrie

Ava's POV I was watching tv when a girl with pink hair came into my room and said i m perrie nd im guessing ur ava i said yes and she asked if i wanted to go shopping with her and her nease so i said yes. I told her i needed to get ready because i was in my pjs . I put on a pink dress that was knee thenth aand it had an open back with neting on it . I got a pair of silver sa dals and left. Perries POV Zayn texted me and asked if i could take my nease and ava to the mall so i said yes. I got there and knocked on the door and louis answers and let me in i walked into avas roo.. . She asked who i was and i said my name then she got dressed and we left.
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