Adopted by one direction

This story is about a girl named Ava and she lives in an orphanage. What happens when she has the chance to be adopted by one direction the most popular boy band.


3. New Home

Liam's POV I was walking around when i saw a girl crying so i asked if she was ok and she said that she was crying because no one was going to adopt her. So i went over to the lads and asked about that girl and they said yes so i went over and siad to her go get packed she looked at me with a puzzled look then started to run . Ava's POV I couldnt belive what just happened i got a dopted so before i said any thing i ran upstairs and got all my stuff together witch fit in one duffle bag. I ran down stairs and went to the desk were the boy i talked to was . He asked me my name and told me his and the 4 other guys names. After alittle bit of signing we went home . It was a mansion we walked in side and Liam showed me around and my bed room it was a lite purple with gueen size bed, a walk in closet , a telly and etc. Zayns POV I think she likes it i think do too Niall said and we all went to tjhe telly and watched football (american soccer)
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