Adopted by one direction

This story is about a girl named Ava and she lives in an orphanage. What happens when she has the chance to be adopted by one direction the most popular boy band.


5. morning wake up

Avas POV After we ate dinner i went up to my room fo change into pj's i got a pair of sweat pants and a black tank top. I went im my bed and put on disney channel. I fell asleep not long after 9 o'clock. I woke up to a loud noise so i went down stairs and their were people looking in side the windows and were yell questions at the boys then i relized Niall wasnt there so i went into the kitchen and saw hin making pqncakes so i sat down at the table then 5 minutes later he came and gave me 3 pancakes and he had like 10 on his plate . I finished eating and went upstairs to change unto clothes . Since it was warm out i got a pair if white high waisted shorts and a see thourght long short sleeve shirt with aflowers on it and i put a tan cami under it . I went down stairs and the boys were gone so i looked around the house boys. So i decided to go in the pool so i got out my pink.bikini out and put it on . Harrys POV I saw that ava was in the pool so i told the boys that and we got 2 buckets each fulled with ice and dumped it all over ava. Ava wasnt happy she got out of the pool and went to her room then i felt bad so i went upstairs and knocked on avas door at first she didnt answer but the second time she did si asked if she was ok and she said why do u care no one ever cared about me . So then i left to go get zayn. Zayns POV I was on the couch but then harry jumped on me and asked if Perrie could take her nease layla and ava to the mall so i called up Perrie.
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