Adopted by one direction

This story is about a girl named Ava and she lives in an orphanage. What happens when she has the chance to be adopted by one direction the most popular boy band.


8. Mall

Ava's.POV I was in the car and we were almost at the mall i was so excited. My adopted dad (Liam) gave me 250 dollars to go spend. When we got there me and layla ran to the food court and got chicken wings then when we finish we went to our first store. We first went to hollister i noticed that layla had no mony so i gave her hafe of my money so we each had 125 dolars. We each got a dress they matched but hers was orange and mine was yellow and we both got the same silver sandals. Then we went to a couple other stores and we both had 5 dollars left so we combined it and got some snackes at the snack machine then a big crowd of people came running at me and perrie grabbed me and layla and we ran away. Perries POV I cant belive that the pops found us. I had to keep them away so i grabbed layla and ava and ran . I ran to the food court were there was a lot of people so we could hide. I decided to go to drop of ava so we went into the car and i drove away .
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