Notes on book updates.

Updates on my movellas.


1. 2.4.13

Hey guys,

I have been seriously inactive recently, painfully annoying for everyone.

i decided to make this to give updates on my books, what is happening with them and when I am intending to get the next chapter done. 


....Let's get started!

The first book I wrote here on Movellas, is just a motivational project, I do not intend on finishing it at any point in near future, but if you want me too, I am quite easily persuaded. Haha.

Teeth is quite successful so I will be trying my hardest to get that done, the next chapter will probably be done in the next two weeks if I believe so.

FIGHTING FOR TAKEN LOVE was extremely successful for both me and Mils, it is a shared project and we take turns writing chapters. I am officially failing at my role here, so I am gonna try and write the next chapter by the end of the week! :D

BROTHER BROTHER is one of my most successful solo projects and hopefully I shall be able to write a new chapter and edit previous ones by the end of the week!

All my poetry will not have anything added to them unless I actually announce that I will be making a series of poems in one movella.

Thank you, if I have missed anything just say and I will update!



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