Yours In Eternity

Niall and Emily are dating. Emily is a model for Hollister,she is also an actor. Niall's career with 1D is just taking off. When some old friends come back into Emily's life, will it make her life even more complicated?



''guys i'm going out for a walk'' I yelled before leaving. '' be careful. dont want to get caught by the paps, they ruin everything'' my boyfriend Niall, yes the Niall Horan, said before kissing me on the cheek. ''kk, i will"

*at park*

as i sit down i see a girl about my age approach me. ''are you Emily Cane?'' i nod quickly and motion for her to sit down. ''you may not remember me but we wnet to school together, we were best friends. i'm Kaylee Roberts.'' i stared at her for a second then remembered her. ''KAYLEE, i thought you moved to America!!'' ''i did but moved back. i got into London University. i'm still looking for a flat.'' ''stay with me'' i said. ''i cant intrude on you.'' ''it's no problem for me. you'd acctually be doing me a favor'' ''oh, ok then i will'' ''great i love down the block of London University'' ''great. thanks. '' no prob. hand me your phone so i can put my number in'' we exchanged numbers and hopped in my car, her car was still being shipped overseas. ''so hows ife?'' she asked me. ''you havent heard?" ''noooo'' ''well actually i'm famous. i'm a Hollister model and i act a little'' ''OMG, where i live they dont have cable or anything. i was totally clueless'' ''haha. well we're here''

*in apartment*

as we entered my apartment Kay, thats what i call her, dropped her bags and her jaw dropped. '' you didnt tell me you knew One Direction!'' ''how do you know about us'' Harry asked. ''well before i moved i was obsessed with the X-Factor. leaving that behind was one of the hardest things to do.'' ''where's Lou, Ni, Zayn and LI?'' ''Zayn went out for a smoke. Lou and Ni went to eat, Li is supervising.'' ''THE KING OF CARROTS IS IN THE HOUSE'' ''Lou shhh.'' ''whatever'' ''hey'' Niall said sneaking up on me kissing me on the cheek. 'OMG you're dating Niall Horan!'' Kaylee more stated then asked ''ya, i already knew the Kay'' ''srry'' ''who's this?'' Ni questioned. '' old friend from year 3 to year 11. then she moved away.'' ''nice to meet you'' ''y-you to'' Kay said.

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