Yours In Eternity

Niall and Emily are dating. Emily is a model for Hollister,she is also an actor. Niall's career with 1D is just taking off. When some old friends come back into Emily's life, will it make her life even more complicated?


2. Getting Settled

''pleeeeeeaaaaasssseee'' ''no, you can make it yourself'' ''acctually no he can't. he almost started a fire'' Liam said''fine, but you're coming with me, so you can learn.'' ''ok'' as Niall and i walked into the kitchen we put the popcorn into the microwave i was sitting on the counter instructing im in what to do. then Niall quickly turned and kissed my neck. we made out for about 5 minutes then Kaylee came in. ''whats taking you guys so long the microwave has been beeping for like-'' she looked up and saw us, she quickly turned red and walked out but not before saying '' take your time'' when we walked into the living room we saw that the guys had already left. Kaylee seeing that we were alone said, '' good you're done now we can get me unpacked.''

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