Nine and Three Quarters on Exchange

I didn't believe in magic two weeks ago.I thought it was just a joke- something babies and toddlers were told to get rid of their nightmares at bedtime but now, now its a whole different story. Just a few months ago, mum got a letter in the post from somebody. Just a few months ago that letter was dismissed, taken as a joke. a few weeks ago mum decided to fill in the school annual consent form- giving her consent for for me to attend all school visits. Just 2 weeks ago we discovered where I was going. Albus Dumbledore was taking 10 children from our school to learn about a whole new world- a world of magic. and mum had consented to me being one of them. I, an atheist, a believer of only what I thought was possible was going on a none week exchange trip to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


2. The S.A.C form


Every academic year, the school issues a letter, which is then distributed to parents of children. My parents being divorced, and my mum possessing custody over me, it became her annual role to fill in and return the form to the office. That form was the S.A.C- the School Annual Consent form. As soon as Mum printed and signed her name on the dotted line, the school could do anything; take and publish photos of you, record you, display personal information about you on the school websites, and most significantly of all, take you on school trips. Me being ever so slightly (really badly) camera shy meant that I resented that form more than most. As soon as this form was returned in order, then I could end up on the website, in the newspapers and magazines, on Facebook and other social media. And I was not about to let that happen.

So September, at the beginning of the school year, I took the letter I had got to give to my mum, and put it through the shredder in the empty Reprographics department at break. Mum knew nothing, until the school emailed her as to why she had not yet returned it. 

When questioned, I , of course, feigned innocence and pretended to know nothing about it and why we hadn't received one. I was unsure as to whether or not she believed me, but nevertheless downloaded and printed out the form, read through it, shuffled the papers and signed on the dotted line. All while I stood helplessly, watching my protection against humiliation dissolve. Vulnerable.

Little did I know how the signing of the form would lead me to the most incredible experience of my life, just a few, short weeks from then.

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