My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

Find out in My life changed forever at


11. My last day

It was already the last day at Hogwarts for me and therefor i was really miserable all day long.
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco tried to cheer me up by baking a cake and sending me gifts but nothing worked.
Later that day Hagrid came to me to tell me that Dumbledore wanted to talk to me about something.

I walked to the office and said the magic words '' Lemon Drops '' and went upstairs.
Dumbledore was already waiting for me at his desk and motioned me to sit down.

'' How did you enjoy your week at Hogwarts my dear? '' Dumbledore asked
'' I absolutely loved it here and i'm dissapointed that i have to leave already '' I said with tears in my eyes
Dumbledore stood up from his desk and gave me a comforting hug.
'' You don't have to cry my dear. I talked to Severus and if you want you can stay here for the rest of your school years and live with him. '' He said

I stood there in shock and started to cry more but this time it wasn't out of sadness but happiness.
'' Thank you Professor Dumbledore! I'd love too!  I'll go straight to Severus to tell him i'm staying! '' I exclaimed


I ran as hard as i could to the dungeons of Slytherin house and arrived at Severus his office.
I didn't even knock but ran straight inside jumping on Severus hugging him like my life depended on it.
'' So i get it that you'll stay with me? '' He said with a smile
'' Ofcourse i'll stay. I love you father! ''  I said    '' I love you too Helena! '' Severus said while kissing my cheek

I have to go tell Draco, Harry, Ron and Hermione that i'm staying. See you at diner father ''
He nodded and i ran to the Great Hall where Draco, Ron, Harry and Hermione were sitting with sad faces

'' Don't be sad! Everything is going to be alright! '' I said with a smile
'' No Helena, not everything is going to be alright, because my girlfriend has to leave and i will probably never see her again and Harry, Hermione and Ron lose their best friend! How can it possibly be alright! '' He yelled with tears in his eyes

'' Well then you probably don't care  when i tell you that i can stay at Hogwarts and live with Severus, so i'll be on my way '' I said joking


Draco looked at me with shock written all over his face and it had to sink in for a bit but soon enought he picked me up, twirled me around and kissed me with all the passion he had. Harry looked with a disgusting face but it soon dissappeared when he saw my dissapproving look. We had a group hug and celebrated all night long!


From that day on, i realised i wasn't a normal girl anymore. I was a witch and i was very proud of it!



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