My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

Find out in My life changed forever at


6. My first day

I woke up by Pansy throwing a pillow in my face and yelling '' Get up new girl, we have breakfast in ten ''
Getting up wasn't easy but it had to be done. I slipped on my new uniform and black cloak i got from Severus and picked up my bag full of school books. When i came downstairs in the common room, i saw a boy with platinum blonde hair who i recognized as Draco. He turned around and smiled at me. He came up to me and suprised me by giving me a hug. '' It's good to see you Helena. Would you like to get breakfast with me?'' I smiled and said: '' It's nice to see you too Draco and yes i would love to get breakfast with you. ''  When Pansy got downstairs and saw me and Draco, she gave me a nasty look. If looks could kill, i would be already dead and buried.


Draco and i walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the Slytherin table. I looked at the table and it was completely empty. I looked at Draco who was looking at me and asked: '' Where is the food'? ''  '' You''ll see '' He said as he laughed at me. Dumbledore stood up from his chair and clapped his hands and in a second, the whole hall was silent. '' Goodmorning students, i hope you all had a nice sleep. I'd like to introduce you to our new Slytherin student Helena Snape, stand up dear ''
I blushed and stood up and all the students eyes were on me. I sat back down and all the students were whispering things like: '' Snape has a daughter? '' and '' Wow i never knew Snape could produce such a beautiful girl ''   I blushed at the comments and Dumbledore continued: '' Enjoy your breakfast '' and he clapped his hands. As soon as he did that, food appeared on the table. When i saw all the food, my mouth started watering. '' What are you waiting for? Dig in '' Draco said.


After breakfast Draco took me to our first class that was called Potions and was apparently teached by my father Severus.
I really enjoyed the lesson and i think i inherited my skills from my father because i was really good at it. The assignment was to make a draught of death and because i forgotten the book for this lesson at Diagon Alley, Severus gave me his own book. At the recipe for the draught of death, there were a lot of notes around it, correcting the potion. I made the potion like the notes said and when Severus checked my potion, it turned out to be perfect.


The following hours i had Transfiguration, Defence against the dark arts and care of magical creatures. I really enjoyed the lessons but Draco didn't seem to like it. We got a lot of homework that had to be done for tomorrow so after classes, i went straight to the library  to work on it. After a while Draco came to me and asked if we could do the homework together. We worked really hard and finished before curfew.


When we arrived at the commonroom, i decided to go to bed early and bid Draco goodbye. Before i walked away, i gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked upstairs. When i looked back i saw Draco holding his cheek and looking dreamy.




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