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9. My argument with Harry about my relationship with Draco

The next morning i decided to tell Harry about Draco and i and i hoped to catch him before breakfast but he wasn't in his dorm so i decided to talk to him after breakfast. At the Slytherin table, people were whispering about Draco and i but i shrugged it of because i didn't care what anybody else thought. When i sat down next to Draco, everyone stared at me and it made me feel really uncomfortable so i couldn't eat.

Right after breakfast i went to Gryffindor Tower to talk to Harry but when i got to him, he looked at me with a disgusted face. Guess what? He already knows. I tried to say something but he wouldn't listen. '' Do you have any idea how dangerous Draco Malfoy is? He's a Deatheater for god sakes! '' Harry spat. '' You don't even know that for sure and if he is then he must have a good reason to be one. His parents aren't  innocent either and you don't even know anything about Draco. Maybe he was forced to be a deatheater by his father or Voldermort. What do you know? '' I yelled. He was shocked that i yelled at him like that, but he knows that i'm like this when i'm furious. '' He is dangerous and you know what? I forbid you to be with him! '' He yelled.  '' You are not my father Harry so you can't tell me what to do. I can do whatever i want! '' I spat.

With that he walked away and i felt terrible because these were one of my last days at Hogwarts before going back to my regular life and i didn't want my friendship with Harry going down the drain because i'm with Draco. I decided to let Harry cool down for awhile and talk to his friends Ron and Hermione about it. Maybe they knew what to do about this situation.


I walked to the library where i knew Hermione sits everyday at his hour and saw her sitting at a table reading a book. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. '' Hermione i need your help with something! '' I said    '' What do you need help with Helena? '' she asked.  I told her the whole story about me and Draco and my argument with Harry. When it comes to Hermione, she is an amazing listener. '' Well i think Harry is acting this way, because he is protective over you. You are one of his best friends and seeing you with his enemy is hard. Let him cool down for awhile and talk to him later. He acting rediculous because he doesn't even have proof of Draco being a Deatheater and if you love Draco, Harry should except your relationship. ''

I decided to do what Hermione said and walked back to my dorm in the Slytherin Tower

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