My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

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5. Getting sorted

According to Professor Dumbledore there were for houses

- Gryffindor
- Hufflepuf
- Ravenclaw
- Slytherin


Severus thought that i would be either in Gryffndor or in Slytherin because he and my mother were in those houses. He didn't tell me about my mother but i figured that he would tell me about her later.

Dumbledore grabbed an old looking hat from a shelf and dusted it off. He put the hat on my head and it started talking. '' Hmm where to put you. You're very brave like your mother so i could put you in Gryffindor, but you're also very cunning like yoúr father so you could be in Slytherin too. ''  The hat thought for awhile and then it yelled: '' I know where to put you, SLYTHERIN! ''


Severus hugged me and congratulated me on being in Slytherin. He brought me to my dorm which i shared with 2 girls named Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson but they were already asleep and as soon as i settled in, i went to bed. I had a long day and was really tired and according to Severus, tomorrow would be a long day too so i needed the sleep.






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