My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

Find out in My life changed forever at


2. Getting a weird invitation and meeting Harry Potter

- Beep beep beep -


I woke up startled by the alarm clock and accidentaly hit the headboard of my bed.
As i slowly got out of bed rubbing my head i thought about how much i hated my school.
The mean girls who take everything out on me and the cute boys who 'pretend i don't exist. Why do i still go to that school you ask? Because i have no other choice. Stupid goverment with those stupid laws!


I got dressed and did my hair and make up. As i went downstairs to get some breakfast, i saw a weirdly looking letter in the mailbox and it was adressed to me. It was sealed with a special mark and it was all handwrited. I opened the letter and started to read. It said that i was invited to leave my regular life for a week to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first i thought it was a joke by someone in my class but that thought soon changed when someone came through my fireplace. It was a boy with raven black hair and a lightbolt scar on his forehead. In his hand he had some sort of wand made out of wood and he was wearing a nice black cloak. He looked and me and asked: '' Are you Helena Daniels? ''   I nodded but was still in shock of what just happened. I soon learned his name was Harry Potter and that he was sent by Dumbledore to ask me if i had read the letter that was send to me. I had no idea who Dumbledore was but said: '' Yes i have read it, but i thought it was a joke by one of my classmates.'' He told me that it was understandable to think this because he didn't believe it aswell when he got his letter. '' Come on Helena, i have to take you to Diagon Alley to get you some stuff for your week at our school! '' Harry said. He dragged me into the fireplace and got out a small dufflebag fully stuffed with some powder. He held my hand as he threw the powder into the fireplace and yelled '' Diagon Alley ''











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