My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

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4. Finally going to Hogwarts and meeting Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape

When we were done at Diagon Alley and i got all my stuff, Hagrid said that we should apparate to Hogwarts. I had no clue what apparating was but i would find out sooner or later because Harry grabbed Hagrid's hand and mine and with a flick of Hagrid's wand, we apparated to Hogwarts. It was the same feeling as  the thing with the fireplace and i got a bit nauseous. When we appeared at the front gate of the school, i ran to the nearest bush i saw and threw up. Harry was really sweet and held my hair up while i was vomiting. When i was done, we went inside of the huge castle and walked to a statue that appeared to be a Phoenix. Harry motioned me to stand on it, so i did. Hagrid told me the magic words which were '' Lemon drops '' and when i said them the statue opened up and there were a couple of stairs.


 I walked up and came into beautiful looking office. As i walked futher i saw a beautiful Phoenix sitting in a cage. It appeared to be sleeping. I saw a man standing behind the desk with his back to me so walked to him. I guess i startled him by saying hello because he jumped a little. He looked down on me (i was at least a foot smaller than him) and introduced himself to me as Albus Dumbledore. '' Hello you must be miss Daniels, am i correct? '' I nodded and he motioned me to sit down in the chair that was in front of his desk. I sat down and he started to talk '' You must be wondering why you're here and what this is all about, am i right? ''  I said: '' Yes sir ''   '' Well miss Daniels, do you mind if i ask you a few questions? ''  I shook my head  and he continued  '' Have you noticed strange things in your life? Doing things you couldn't explain? ''  ''Yes many times '' I said

'' Well miss Daniels, that's because you are a witch '' He explained. '' That can't be! I'm just Helena '' I exclaimed. '' No you are very special! ''  I blushed at his comment and he told me that the people i thought who were my parents, weren't my real parents and that my father was here in the castle. I was shocked but i always knew in the back of my mind that i couldn't be their daughter. The door opened and a man walked in. He had greasy black hair and in his face i could see that i resembled him exactly, but only our eyes were different. He looked at me and smiled.


He came over to me and gave me a huge hug as he said: '' I've missed you so much Helena ''
His name was Severus Snape and he said that he was my father but he didn't have to tell me that because from the moment he walked in, i knew he was my father.


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