My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

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3. Diagon Alley and bumping into Draco Malfoy

The feeling i experienced while going through that fireplace was like being sucked through a tiny tube but luckily it only lasted for a few seconds and with a huge bang we found ourselves on the floor in some kind of bar. '' Why are we in a bar Harry? '' I asked.  '' Haha good question. We are at this bar, because at the back there is a gate to Diagon Alleý '' Harry explained. '' Oh and how do you know all this stuff? '' i asked. '' Hagrid '' Harry said.  I thought about asking Harry who Hagrid was but it all came together when a huge man giant walked into the bar and introduced himself to me as Hagrid. '' Harry you did a magnificent job of taking her here. I couldn't have done it better myself! '' Hagrid said. They lead me to the back of the bar where a huge brick wall was standing. Hagrid tapped some bricks in the wall and they started to move. When all the bricks disappeared, i was standing in a street with all kinds of shops. I had a feeling i was dreaming but it  felt so real!


Hagrid, Harry and i walked to a store named ''Olivanders wand shop'' and we went inside. There was an old man standing behind the counter and when he saw me, his eyes went wide. He came over to me and shook my hand with excitement. He said '' It's such an honour to meet you Miss S...''  but before he said my last name Harry stopped him. I don't know why but i let it pass by. I learned the man was named Olivander like the shops name read. He brought me a wooden wand like Harry had in his hand when i met him and he told me to take it and flick it. I did and all of the items standing on the shelfs came falling down. Olivander flicked his own wand to put everything back into place and went to get another wand. The wand he gave was beautiful and he said that he usually knew about the core of the wand but that this was the only one he didn't know. I flicked the wand and all the lights in the room lit up. Olivander said it was a good sign and he packed the wand for me. I then turned to Hagrid and said '' But i don't have any money to pay for it ''   Hagrid put the money for the wand on the table and then turned to me saying '' After we are done here, we will go to Gringotts to visit your fault ''  I looked at him with a confused look and asked '' Do i have my own fault? '' '' Oh yes my dear you have one '' Hagrid claimed. I took my wand and we walked out of the wand shop. In the corner of my eye i saw a bookstore and asked Hagrid if i could go in. He nodded and told me that they would be waiting here for me.


I walked into the bookstore and i went straight to the Romance section. I looked at the bindings of the books and i saw some really nice ones but then i bumped into someone. '' Watch where you're going, you twat! '' The man yelled but as soon as he looked at me, his face went from angry to sympahetic. '' Oh i'm sorry miss. That was very rude of me. Are you ok'? '' he asked. I nodded and took a better look of him. He had platinum blond hair and beautiful grey eyes. I was a little hypnotised by them untill he waved his hand before my eyes. I quickly snapped out of it and he introduced him self as Draco Malfoy. His deep voice gave me butterflies and it was hard to not make a foul out of myself. Out of the corner of my eye i saw Harry and Hagrid impatienly waiting for me and i bid Draco goodbye. '' Will i ever see you again? '' He screamed after me. '' If you're a Hogwarts student then yes '' I screamed back. I thought i heard him yell '' Woohoo! '' from him but i must have imagined that.


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