My life changed forever!

What if you can spend a week at Hogwarts?
Will your life change forever?
Will you find friends?
Will you find love?

Find out in My life changed forever at


8. An unexpected suprise :)

It was Saturday morning and i slept in till 12
When i woke up i saw a beautiful bunch of roses on my nightstand and it had a card on it.
It read: '' Meet me at the Astronomy Tower at 9 o' clock   xxx your secret admirer
I blushed and while i was getting dressed i thought about who my secret admirer could be.
Was it Harry or that cute guy from Gryffindor who i can't remember the name of? or was it Draco?
'' No that can't be, he doesn't like me that way or does he? '' I thought.

I decided to let it go for awhile and get some lunch but when i came to the great hall, it was completely empty except for a small plate of cookies that stood on the Slytherin table. When i walked over to the plate of cookies, i saw a little card lying on the table.
It read: '' Hello Helena, i made these cookies for you, because i thought you would be hungry by now. Enjoy and i'll see you in the Astronomy Tower at 9 o' clock. I blushed because no one ever done this for me and with a smile on my face, i ate the cookies which were delicious by the way. The rest of the day, i could do nothing but think about the date that was coming closer every second.

I made my way back to my dorm to get dressed for my blind date and i found Pansy looking at a package on my bed. As soon as she saw me she walked away angrily. I shrugged and went to look at the package. There was another card on it and it read : '' Put this on at our blind date. It will look amazing on you. See you soon xx '' I opened the package and there was a beautiful black dress in it that perfectly hugged my curves. It looked amazing and there were a pair of high heels with it. I put the shoes on and did my make up natural. I looked at the clock and it was already a quarter to 3 so i had to hurry.

I arrived at the Astronomy Tower and saw it was beautifully decorated with rose petals and lights. I walked up the stairs what was a little difficult because of the heels but when i made it to the top, i saw a table full of food with candles and everything and i saw a boy in suit with platinum blond hair. A smile creeped onto my face and i instantly knew it was Draco. He turned around and smiled. '' You never thought it was me right? '' Draco said.  '' Well you came to mind but i wasn't sure '' I said. He motioned me to sit down and he grabbed a bottle of champagne. It opened with a bang and he put it into our glasses. '' You probably wonder why i got you up here dressed all fancy '' '' Well yeah it was a big but nice suprise '' I said   '' Well Helena ever since i bumped into you at the book store in Diagon Alley, i've felt like the happiest man alive. I really like you and whenever i'm with you i get this weird feelling that won't go away. I think i'm in love with you Helena. '' He exclaimed.  '' I stood up and he thought i would leave so his smile faltered but instead of leaving, i walked to him and gave him a passionate kiss and said '' I love you too Draco ''  He kissed me again but with more feeling and asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes.

We ate the meal that was on the table and he brought me back to my dorm and kissed me goodnight.

That night i went to bed with the most wonderful feeling. I was in love...

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