My name is Virginia. My life was perfect. Perfect family, perfect best friend, and perfect school. Then I graduated. My life got complicated and completely changed. The perfectness was long gone. My best friend who kept me going, made me smile everyday was now no longer in my life. That best frined was Niall Horan.


2. Chapter 2


I quickly ran home from my latest drug deal with some crack head. It was an easy way to make money. I opened the door and locked it behind me. "Patrick?" I heard footsteps and saw him run down the stairs. "Virgi! Where were you?" The summer after high school, my parents and sister were in a car accident. None of them made it. I was left with Patrick to take care of. He was now 8 and I was 22. After my family's accident, I lost touch with Niall. I didn't have time for friends anymore. Patrick was all I cared about. I missed him everyday though. I knew he had become part of a world famous boy band One Direction. I always listened to his music. It made it seem like he wasn't so far away. "I just had a little business to take care of." When I was left in charge of Patrick, no one would hire me. I looked for a job but no one wanted me. So I made the worst choice I have ever made. I became a drug dealer, I also lead most illegal fights. I never took drugs myself, I just made them and sold them. I made good money too, you don't know how much some people will pay to get high or see people get punched to death. With that money I was able to buy a giant house and give Patrick everything he needed.

   "How was school?" I was in the kitchen making Patrick a snack. "Good, we learned about planets today!" It was so cute how he got excited about school. I just hoped he would keep it up and go to college one day. A place I always wanted to go to but never got there. "Sounds like fun!" I put his peanut butter sandwhich in front of him on the table and sat down next to him. "Virgi, today I saw a picture of this band called One Direction, and the blonde one looked like someone I used to know." He turned and looked at me with his big blue eyes. "Do you know who it was?" Well of course he didn't remeber Niall, he was only 3. "Yeah, that's Niall. He was my best friend in high school." It hurt everytime I thought of him. Maybe I should buy tickets to one of his concert and see him. "Why don't you talk to him anymore?" I wasn't about to say it was because I never had time. "We just aren't friends anymore. So how's that sandwhich?" He looked down at his plate and took another bite. "Awesome!"


The five years after high school treated me good. Other then losing contact with Virginia. I missed her everyday. Maybe I should find her somehow. I had become part of a 'world famous', I don't think so but that's how most people discribe us, boy band. It me, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. We have sold out concerts and tons of money that I have no idea what to do with. Most people think I would be happy, but I'm not. I miss my old life, that had Virginia in it. I can't even walk to the store without being surrounded by teenage girls and cameras. I wish everything would go back to normal. But it hasn't been normal, for five years.

   One day me and the boys were walking down the street and suprisingly there was no one there. We saw a girl in a hoddie runing out of bar, but we never saw her face. At least I didn't. Harry ran up to the girl and stopped her. She spun around and started yelling. "Hey if you knew-" She stopped mid sentence and stared at me, then I saw who it was, Virginia. "Oh. My. God. Niall?" She smiled and ran over to me. "Virginia!" I wrapped her in a hug and we stood there for a while like that. "Oh shit." She pushed away from me and looked at her phone. "I reall have to do something really quick, I'll be right back." She ran to the parking lot and grabbed a duffel bag out of her car. Then she went into an alley which I couldn't fully see into with someone drunk guy. When they walked out she was holding cash and he had the duffel bag. "Thanks." He slurred before he went back into the bar. "What was that?" She stuffed the money in her pocket and smiled. "Oh nothing. Um, just a little business." This seemed bizare but I left it alone. "Who are these boys?" She guestured towards Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. Before I could answser Louis chimed in. "I'm Louis, that's Harry, that's Liam, and that's Zayn." She stuck her hand out to all of them which they shook. "Nice to meet you! I'm Virginia."

   Me and Virginia stood on the street and talked about well everything. She seemed like she was happy. She was living in her own house and had gotten charge of Patrick somehow. She said that he parents were fine though. I told the boys they could go back to the hotel because i knew that felt akward. "Nice to meet you Virginia." Liam called out when they were half way down the street. "Nice to meet you too!" Virginia waved after them. God I missed her voice so much. I used to hear it everyday now I never hear it. "Niall, I really have to go now. But um here's my number so call me." Before I could object she was walking to her car. She drove by and waved and that was it. She was gone again, I wanted to call that second but I didn't think she would want me to.


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