My name is Virginia. My life was perfect. Perfect family, perfect best friend, and perfect school. Then I graduated. My life got complicated and completely changed. The perfectness was long gone. My best friend who kept me going, made me smile everyday was now no longer in my life. That best frined was Niall Horan.


1. Chapter 1


Me and Niall were walking down the street to go back to his house after going to star bucks. We were laughing and having a good time, as always. Until, Niall stopped dead in his tracks and became silent. "Abby..." He pointed his hand down the street and there stood my boyfriend Hunter, making out with another girl. I dropped my coffee and stood there, not knowing what to do. "Abby, he was an ass anyways." Niall tryed to hug me but I pushed him away and ran as fast as I could to the only place I thought was safe, the pier.

   The pier was hidden by trees and bushes in the back of my neighborhood. Niall and I were the only ones who knew about it, other then my brother who was only 3. My sister who was 20 knew about it too. Maybe it wasn't so secret. I ran down to the end and layed down. I stared at the sky and wiped tears from my eyes. Why would he do this? I thought he'd loved me! I had never felt so broken in my life. It had always been perfect. All my relationships, my family, I never got into fights with anyone. My mother, father, sister, and brother were always fair. I always was the one to break up with my boyfriends. This was just so hurtful I didn't think i could trust anyone ever again at that point. I layed there for a least a half an hour, my long blonde hair had begun to tangle into the old cracked wood of the pier. Then I heard someone coming, I sat up as quick as I could and wiped my eyes trying to look fine to whoever that might be. When I saw who it was, I didn't care what I looked like. I broke down again into his arms, it was Niall.

   "It took me forever to find you. I looked everywhere. I guess I should have looked here first." He had managed to stop my crying my singing to me. He truely had an amazing voice. "Thank you Niall, you didn't have to find me." He just smiled and sat me up. "Yes I did. You need to know something." What? He told me everything. "I knew that guy was trouble. I always knew he would hurt you but, you were so happy so I never said anything." He was awesome! I really didn't deserve him as my best friend. " He was always a jerk to me. I didn't like him." He was so cute. "Well, thank you Niall for being there for me. I just thought he loved me." I looked down at the water to avoid Niall's eyes. He knew that and took my chin so i looked at him. "Virginia, you are beautiful! There are so many girls who would die to look like you. You have an awesome personality and if that jackass doesn't see that, he doesn't deserve you!" He really did know how to make me feel better. I smiled and gave him a hug. "Thank you, you're awesome." I heard him mumble something else but I just ignored it.

   We sat there for a little while after and talked. He walked me home and gave me a final hug before he began to walk to his house which was only about a block away from mine. When I opened the door I saw my family sitting on the couch watching a movie. "Virginia, where were you?" My sister Hanna asked. "Me and Niall hung out for a bit." I knew I would tell Hanna the truth later, I just didn't want to upset my parents. "I missed you Virgi!" That was the nick name my brother had given me. He jumped up from my mother's lap and ran over to me. I picked him up and spun him around. "I miss you too Patrick!" I never gave him a nick name because I just loved his name. "May I join you?" I asked my parents, like I didn't know that answer. They nodded and I plopped down on the couch with Patrick on my lap. Everything was turing out ok, little did I know that would all change when I got out of high school.


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