No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


8. We Change the Books Even More Part Two

  "Uhm Pansy. What's up?" I said as I sat next to the SS squad.

  "Nothing! Anyways are you going to the Quidditch scrimmage later today? You must! It's Slytherin vs. Gryffindor and I'm positive it will be fantastic!" She squealed. I nodded as I copied the notes off the board not really caring what she said.

  "Pansy, uhm I promised Hermione she could sit with me this class, especially since this is my worst subject. I'll talk to you later okay?" I said as I walked over to Hermione. Pansy maybe trying to be nice but she was still an S.S member.

  "Hey Hermione? What do you know about Quidditch scrimmages?" I asked her as we were paired off to work.

  "Well I know there's one today for the Quidditch teams. Since there's not a real cup this year alk the games are going to be scrimmages. not real matches but still matches. Draco and Harry are seekers today and I think Fred and George are playing not quite positive about Ron though." She said as we transformed the tea cup into a hedgehog then back.

  "I guess I must go then. Do you plan to go?" I asked her as McGongall told us our homework.
  "I guess." She said shrugging as we walked towards the Great Hall for lunch. After a little bit to eat I quickly ran up to the common room to grab my Gryffindor scarf. I met Hermione in the bleachers along with a few other Gryffindors. The scrimmage was amazing. It was hard to believe that I was seeing this all so close up. I knew now even if we were changing the books, it was worth the fun.

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