No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


11. The Yule Ball Blues

 After prepping all day, waiting at the grand hall for an hour and a half and feeling like I was about to cry when I saw Draco kiss some girl in the hall as I walked in, I came to the realization that Draco, the scumbag Slytherin, had stood me up. To my first, last and hopefully only ball during the rest of my life. As soon as I disappeared I noticed how stupid I had been. I'd been here for what five days and I accepted an invitation from a notorious player and jerk. What had I expected? A glorious fantastic kiss. No. "Mind if I join you?" A voice asked me. I looked up to reveal Fred.

 "What happened to Angelina?" I asked him thinking of the girl he had brought to the ball feeling guilty.

 "She preferred George. I didn't mind." He said slowly. "What about Draco?" He asked me.

 "Stood me up the prat." I said frowning a bit. Fred looked pissed to say the least. Though he'd never liked the Slytherin I could tell this had made him hate the kid. "It's okay. I didn't really want to go anyways." I said quietly.

 "Really? Is that the truth Penny or is it just what you're telling yourself?" He asked me. I sighed. I knew he was right. Two days ago in Hogsmade, I was so excited. What happened then? Simply everything.

 "You're right. But let's be honest Balls really aren't my thing. Would you want to come back to the Common Room with me?" I asked him standing up. He stood up as well. We began to walk up the stairs and when we passed Draco I paused considering my options. I tapped his shoulder. He turned around obviously annoyed that his snog session was interrupted. I smacked him across the face and then just walked away smirking smugly. Serves the prat right. As I did so Fred burst into laughter. I waited until satisfaction finally sunk in then I began to laugh too.

(AN: You all thought she was going to end up with Draco well nope! She's not. If I made who she's going to end up with ask her to the Ball that would be like River letting the Doctor read her notebook! Spoilers!)

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