No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


9. Hogsmade and Amorentia

  One word to describe the affect of Amorentia. AWFUL. On my second day in potions I almost would've inhaled that stuff.  Even just smelling makes you want to try it, taste it, anything, but man is that stuff dangerous. I almost tried some of it that was placed in the cauldrons through out the room. Until I found out what it was.  What?! It smelt like cookies, roses and something no matter how hard I tried I couldn't place anywhere. I knew I recognized it but I couldn't place it. It smelt familiar and cozy. Hermione scolded me about the affects of drinking something without knowing what it was first constantly through out the whole lesson. "Sorry!" I said again.

  "Whatever!" She said marching over to correct Ron or something. Damn that girl could be weird.
    After class it was time to go to Hogsmade! The trip was emergency scheduled for the newbies but anyone could attend. I was so excited because not only was I going so was Draco, Blaise, Harry, Hermione, ALL of the Weasleys and Pansy along with Leo, Luna, Kailey and a bunch of other characters and transfers from Marshall High.

  "Hey y'all!" I said grinning at my close friends. I walked along side them as we hit the path. I couldn't believe this! I was going to be IN HOGSMADE! Meaning butter beer, fire whiskey, owls, etc. etc.

  "So Pen, what are you most excited for?" Pansy said dragging me towards the Slytherins. Of course I couldn't hang out with all of my friends. I had to choose which house I had to be with. And apparently Pansy had called dibs.

   "Getting a dress. Even without a date I still plan on rocking this dance with style." I smirked as I pictured the kind of dress I usually wore to dances and parties and then the Yule Ball. "Then again I may have to step out of my comfort zone." I said licking my lips thinking it over.

    "Why?" Pansy asked. I rolled my eyes. Of course Pansy would ask that.

    "Because. At my old school I was considered punk or nerdy. Maybe a mix. But I really don't think suspenders and shorts or combat boots and fingerless fish net gloves a good for a ball." I said thinking over the clothes I had with me.

    "Ooo! Can I pick you out a dress?! Oh why am I even bothering asking?! To Madame Malkin's!" She squealed as she pulled me down the path and towards a shop.

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