No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


10. Dresses and Dates

  "Hello Pansy. How can I help you today?" Madame Malkin asked as Pansy pulled me into the store.

   "My friend needs a dress. I'm thinking silver and gold, and she also needs a bag and shoes to match. All of it on me." Pansy says grinning. Madame Malkin pulled out a dress and opened her mouth. "Too flashy." "Too sparkly." "Too poofy." "Too boring." "Too exciting." "Too pink." "Too green." "Perfect! Penny try that on!" She squealed.

   It was a gold dress with black and silver accents. The top was plain and just under the bust there was a silvery black belt. The bottom poofed out a bit but not excessively so. It fit me perfectly reaching just above my feet to show off the gold and black sandals Pans had picked. They were wedges that had gold straps and a bit of a heel. It went perfectly with the gold purse that Pansy had also picked out. Pansy gave Madame Malkin a couple of coins and insisted I go to Hogs Head to meet Draco, who was supposed to be with Blaise but wasn't, while she got shoes and other things to go with the green and blue dress she had picked. "Hello!" I said holding my dress bag delicately. This dress could NOT get ruined at any cost.

  "So you got a dress huh Pen?" Draco said looking across the table at me. I felt butterflies in my stomache. NO NO NO. He was a death eater. You're supposed to be falling for Harry, Ron, Fred, George or even Neville for god sake! Not a death eater. Not someone who you knew was bad news. It wasn't right!

 "Yeah. Even thought I'm never going to get a date. I might as well at least go in style." I said grinning trying to be cheeky though I'm positive it looked more like a grimace than smile.

 "You never know. Anyways care to come along with me to Honeydukes?" He said standing up and holding out his arm. Bloody gentleman. You  are not making this easier.

 "Why not? I've never been there might as well go." I said taking it slowly. He grinned at me. God damn it Draco! Why are you so bloody nice! Go back to being evil so I can hate you! Gods Draco get with it!

 We walked into Honeydukes and a small smile played onto my lips. It was gorgeous with color everywhere you looked. Candy on racks everywhere and laughter from all the people in the store. "So you like it?" Draco asked looking me over. I nodded as I just stood there watching everything go down.

 "I was raised as a Muggle so everything just seems so surreal to me." I said slowly not knowing whether or not Draco would understand my joy from seeing this. "It's just weird but overall it's fascinating what wizards can do that a Muggle would never believe possible."

 "Hm... Never thought of it like that. So your still dateless huh?" He asked as he closed one topic and moved to the next. Well fuck you too Draco.

 "Yes. But I really don't care. Leo and I might just go as friends though. But whatever works, works." I say rambling a bit. "Anyways aren't you going with Pansy?" I asked looking for an excuse to get off the topic of me.

 "No because actually I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?" He said. No, no, no, no, no. Don't say yes. You can't no, no, no.

 "Sure." God Damnit! Penny get your head in the game. But for some reason even though I was upset I couldn't be upset. Maybe this wouldn't be awful.


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