No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


4. Date to the Yule Ball?

  "If your staying here we should set you up with a date!" Parvati says to me and Kaylie. We exchange glances. Oh! I had forgotten about the Yule Ball admist the chaos. Wasn't Parvati supposed to give Harry a box of love potion filled chocolates? And then Ron eats them, oh god that was hysterical to read.

  "Yeah!" Lavender says enthusiastically. She seems just as excited as Parvati. Oh this ought to be good. Kaylie shakes her head nervously.

   "I'm not going." She says. "No one would take me, I'm a nerd." She laughed. I slapped her over the head.

   "Your not a nerd." I say tsking her. "And plus I won't be finding a date either. I'd much rather go to the library and study or something." I say honestly. "I'm not into dances."

    "Come on. You and Leo would look adorable together!" Lavender pleaded. I raised an eyebrow at the me and Leo thing. I'd never actually considered dating him, not that he wasn't cute. He was my cute little Latino elf. Maybe I do like him?

---Meanwhile in the Boys Dorms---

   George and Fred were sitting in our dorm as well as Ron, Neville and Harry. I was sitting looking at the wand. Penny was a pureblood, I knew that now. But what I wondered what she would think when she found out I was a pureblood too? "So Leo, when are you going to ask Penny to the Yule Ball?" One of the twins asked.

    "Never?" I suggested weakly. The twins and the boys laugh. "I'm serious." I protest. They stop laughing looking at me shocked. They gave me an are you 'Sirius' look? (Hahaha, get it! Sirius, as in Sirius Black. They get it Penny.)

   "Are you kidding me? Your in love with her mate. Even I can see that." Neville says. I shot him an evil glare.

   "Well you like Kaylie." I said simply. He returned my glare. George and Fred just laugh evilly and Harry and Ron look confused.

   "Well mate if you don't ask her do I have permission too?" Fred asked curiously. I nodded at him. I wasn't going to ask Penny was I? She was my best friend, not a simple girl. Not that she wasn't pretty! No she was gorgeous. My gorgeous blonde best friend.

---- Back With The Girls -------

  "Nah. I wouldn't go with him. We're friends... nothing more than that." I say slowly. "Anyways we have classes tomorrow. Let's please get some sleep before we collapse of over exhaustion." 

  ----------------------------------------------------------- The Next Morning------------------------------------------------

 "Hey Leo, Hey Fred, Hey George, Hey Harry, Hey Ginny, Hey Kaylie, Hey Neville, Hey Hermione!" I say all in one breath as I sit down for breakfast. As I sit Leo scoots closer to Harry looking only at his plate. I'm a little confused by this action but say nothing. "So what do we have first today?" I ask cheerfully sipping some tea and biting into some toast with jam. (This is making me hungry. Same here. FOOD NOW!) 

 "Potions with Snape." Harry moans dramatically. I laugh as does everyone else. The books didn't describe Harry as such a drama queen nor did they even mention Leo, Kaylie and I's arrival here at Hogwarts. 

  "What's wrong with Snape?" Kaylie asked ignorantly. I wanted to slap her for saying that. SNAPE IS EVIL but then becomes good later on but still SNAPE IS EVIL!!! 

 "HE'S EVIL!" Fred, George, Ginny, Ron and Harry say in unison. "He hates Gryffindors." Fred says frowning. I shrug.

"Good thing I read the textbooks last night." I say grinning. "Incase of a pop quiz." I clarified for Fred and George who looked confused. Then I felt an evil presence behind me made up of five people who I already hated.

"Good for you. We have a quiz in potions today." Draco said menacingly.  I glared at him as Pansy was just standing there daydreaming (Most likely about Draco.), Blaise Zanbini looked pissed at Draco and Goyle and Crabbe were just being idiots. As usual.

"Really?" Leo, "Because I'm willing to bet Penny can out smart you any day. Even on this potions quiz." I shook my head 'NO' to Leo. Draco was smart every Harry Potter Fan knew he was like second in his Hogwarts class. 

"That's not true. We just started yesterday Leo, I'm willing to bet they put us in a first year class." Kaylie said frowning at Leo.

"But Penny's smart! She probably knows the books inside and out already!" Leo complained. I shrugged on all the Pottermore quizzes I did get one hundreds.

"I guess. What's the quiz on anyways? Is it on the Polyjuice potion? Or the Draught of Living Dead?  Or Potion Safety?" I ask curiously.

"You'll see." Draco laughed walking away. 

"Ugh. That prat. We're learning about the Polyjuice potion. So your good." Hermione said as he and his gang left.

"I can't say I disagree, but we better get going we need to get our bags from our dorm." I say motioning for Hermione and Kaylie to come with me to our dorm.

"Um... Penny before you go can I talk to you?"  Fred asked nervously scratching the back of his head.  Please, please, please, please ask me to the Yule Ball! PLEASE WORLD I'M BEGGING YOU! If he did I would have a date #1 and #2 I'd be dating a character from my favorite book... Wait but what if Leo asked me? Or Draco for that matter? Ugh... Whatever.

"Yeah Fred?" I grinned at him trying not to be overly peppy and seem annoying.

"Um... I was wondering if you were any good at Muggle Studies?" He said turning red as the boys started snickering. I rolled my eyes. 

"What's the question?" I ask annoyed. Well it was exciting for about two seconds.

"Um....  the abbreviation AC stands for what?" He asked turning more red if that was possible.

"Air conditioning. I'm going now. Bye weirdos." I said waving goodbye. Well that was utterly disastrous. 

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