No Way, This Can't Be Happening

Penelope is an average New York girl and muggle. But when her school trip goes a wry and her class ends up at Hogwarts, she finds out she's a pureblood witch. Will she want to go home with her class? Will she stay at Hogwarts? Will she attend Salem Witch?


6. Coming to a Realization

  "Hello." I said quietly sitting next to Draco at the Slytherin table as Pansy glared at me. I rolled my eyes but said nothing.

  "Hello." The boy said his British accent strong in his voice. I giggled and they all looked at me like what the heck?

   "You guys have accents." I pointed out still giggling. I love British accents! 

   "Actually love, you have the accent." Blaise pointed out to me. Oh yeah. I guess I did. I was in England after all.

    "Don't think so." I said shaking my head. I didn't like being wrong. "In my world you guys have the accents." I said.

    "Would you guys go flirt elsewhere?" Draco asked obviously annoyed. I rolled my eyes.

    "Jealous." I singsonged to annoy him even further even though it probably wasn't a good idea. 

   "Am not."

    "Are too."

     "Am not."

     "Are too."

    "Am not."

    "Are too."

    "Oh just shut it both of you." Pansy said glaring fiercely at me, someone's jealous.

   "Okay. Bye guys! I'm gonna go sit with my Gryffindor buddies! Bye snakies!" I singsonged giggling at how much annoyance I caused. Hey I'm a troublemaker too you know!

   "Hey Gryffins!" I wave sitting down.

   "What did you do Penny?" Hermione and Leo say at the same time then look at each other and blush. Wait a second... they like each other.... which means.... WE'RE CHANGING THE COURSE OF THE BOOKS!!! AHHHHHHWUIKHDIUUBYIBWSGDBWSUO AHHHHH!!!!! This is very bad.

    "Uhm... nothing can I borrow Kaylie and Leo for a second?" I ask suddenly coming to that huge realization.

    "Sure." Kaylie and Leo stand up. "WHAT?" They both whisper angrily.

    "We've been changing the books. " I say simply and that causes the chaos.

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