Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


9. 9


When we got back to the palace, my mom was waiting for us at the door. She greeted us both with kisses before leading us to tea.

“So, I have news!” My mom announced.

“What is it?” I asked, curious.

“Guess who’s coming back from grandma’s tomorrow for good?”

“SOPHIE?!” I practically screamed, making Nella and my mom wince.

“Yes, your sister is coming home.” I screeched and started slamming my hands on the table.

“Calm down…you’re going to spill the tea.” I quickly stopped and contained my emotions.

“Sorry ma’am.” I whispered, smirking to myself.

“Now act like a princess.” I nodded and slowly started drinking my tea. I was so happy about this. Sophie was my sister; she was only a year younger than me. We were very close. After my grandma got very sick, Sophie volunteered herself to go stay with her and take care of her house. Our grandma had recently just gotten better so she was letting Sophie come home…finally.

The next day, I was awaiting Sophie to come home all day. I was reading out on the grounds just waiting for her car to pull up and when it finally did, I went running. I ran straight into her arms, pulling her into a hug.

“I missed you!” We both said at the same time, making us giggle.

“How’s everyone doing here at home? You have to catch me up on everything!” Sophie said as we made our way up to her room.

“Things are pretty hectic since Mark is getting married in a couple weeks. Nella is staying with us now and guess who performed at my birthday party?!”



“AND I MISSED IT?!” Sophie screamed, dropping her purse. I nodded sadly and her face dropped. “Did Niall look as good as he always does?”

“Even better than normal. I even got to talk to Harry…”

“Stop…you’re giving my feels.” I giggled as we walked into her room. The workers placed Sophie’s stuff on the ground and let us be. We started unpacking all her things as I caught her up on everything she had missed.

At dinner time, we all gathered together out on the back patio. We were all silently eating when I felt someone kick my leg from underneath the table. I looked over at Sophie and she glanced over at the front court yard and mouthed ‘go.’

“May I please be excused?” I asked. My father nodded and I pushed back my chair, making my way to the front, trying to figure out what Sophie was signaling to, but when I got out front…it all made sense to me.  

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