Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


28. 28

“Well ring for Bethany to let her know you are here.” The butler said. I nodded and waited in the lounge room; waiting for my heart to be broken. 
“Hello Aiden.” I stood up when Bethany entered the room. She sat down next to me so I followed in suit. “I asked you to be here so I could tell you in person…” I paused, scared to continue. “I accept your proposal. Just me and you; uniting our countries as one.” I sat in shock, no expecting this at all. “Mother and father have begun the wedding plans however I wanted to tell you this in person.” 
“Wait…just me and you?” I asked in shock. 
“Yes. Only me and you.” She emphasized only me and her which almost broke my heart. I should be thrilled…me and her together forever but for some reason, it just didn't sound right. However, I did not fight it, I gave her a kiss. We stood up and walked hand in hand to the tea room to begin the discussion of the details. 

“Did you see the news?” Louis asked, coming into my room one morning. 
“What news?” Louis tossed a magazine to me and the front headlines what that Bethany and Aiden were to be married within the month; a royal wedding to which we are performing as as requested by Aiden. 
“Simon already cleared the performance with us. You were just sleeping and didn't want to wake you after what happened. But it was Aidens request.” Louis added in. 
“Why would he do this? To make me suffer more than I already am?” I demanded. 
“I don't know…the article said something about how he knows that Bethany loves the band and he wants her to be happy. Some bullshit like that.” I threw the magazine across the room and pulled the blankets over my head. As if this couldn't be any worse. 

Wedding day. To be more precise…my wedding day. I was being pampered, pulled at, yanked at, suffocated…everything to be made sure I looked absolutely perfect. Within months of the wedding my parents were to step down and Aiden and I were to become the official rulers of at least my country, and very soon after, the ruler of his country as well. I stood looking into the mirror almost as if I was a zombie. No emotions, nothing. I was just doing this for my country. 

Wedding day…our wedding day. I stood in front of the mirror stone faced, not sure I wanted to do this. Thinking about it the past few months I realized it was all about making my family happy but what I didn't know…was this going to make me happy? Did I actually love Bethany? Did I actually want to marry her? Or was it all fake and put in my head for all these years?

My sisters wedding day. I was standing behind her getting ready and she looked nothing but miserable- stone faced. We hadn't spoken much in the days leading up to her wedding. I was too upset with her about the whole Harry situation to even look at her and here I was, her maid of honor. 
“Are you excited?” I finally tried. 
“Yes.” She said simply. I sighed; there was no emotion in her response, her face didn't light up like I feel it should, there was nothing. I looked out over the balcony and saw One Directions crew getting their stage set up. It was almost painful how this could happen. 
The wait staff and maids slowly started to disperse, done with making everyone look absolutely perfect, leaving me and Bethany alone. She did not move from her spot in front of the mirror, almost as if she couldn't believe this. 
“Is there anything I can do?” I asked slowly. 
“But there is still time…” I tried desperately. 
“Time? To do what? I made this decision and I will follow through. This is my country, my wedding, my decision, and this is how it will be. Now, if you please leave me, I would like some time to myself before this all begins.” I nodded and slowly walked out of her room, into the bridesmaids room. 

I stood there, staring at myself in the mirror trying to comprehend what was about to happen. And I didn't even know what was about to happen. I was to marry my best friend, run a country with him, and for the rest of my life no matter. 
My thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the door. I cleared my throat and said…
“Come in.” I stepped down from the stool and when I turned around, Harry was standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?” I demanded; hurt and feeling betrayed. 
“You look beautiful.” He said simply. 
“Answer my question, sir.” 
“I came to wish you a wonderful day…that is all.” I paused, wanting to slap him and kiss him all at once. But I kept my composure and did not move from where I was. 
“Thank you. Have a good show. You may leave now.” I said, nodding him out. He nodded and stared at me for a good minute before finally leaving. Once he was gone, I get a huge sigh escape my lungs, realizing I hadn't been breathing the whole time. 
“Are you ready?” My mother said, coming into the room moments later. I nodded slowly. 
“Yes…I am ready.” I followed my mother put to the courtyard room where I was to wait for my cue. It felt like forever until I heard the wedding march begin…and then I started walking, following behind my bridesmaids. 

I watched as she seemingly floated down the aisle. Her face seem plastered into a smile, a fake one; forced. As she grew closer to me, I realized I didn't want this…I didn't want any of this. She was my best friend and I was convinced to love her through our parents…I did not actually love her. She was only, and forever will only be my best friend. 
Once Bethany reached me, she kissed her fathers check and turned to me. We clasped hands and I suddenly stopped walking. 
“What's the problem?” She whispered. 
“This is…this isn't right.” 
“What are you talking about?!” 
“I don't love you…you don't love me…” Whispers started to erupt amongst the audience and I looked back and saw Harry sitting amongst them as well. “Look at him…” Bethany looked back and saw Harry sitting there, face completely blank. 
“You love him, Bethany. You don't love me, and I was convinced I loved you through my parents. This will never work…” Aiden nodded to me and smiled. “Shall we explain that the wedding is off?” For the first time in months, I saw her smile. She nodded and we walked briskly up to the alter. 
“We would like to say something before we begin.” I said to the priest. He looked confused, however nodded. We both turned to face the audience, which was now abuzz. 
“Ladies and gentleman…” Bethany started, getting their attention. 
“There will be no wedding today.” I continued. “For I do not love Bethany, and she does not love me. I do believe that one should chose who they marry, not just marry for the sake of their families. Bethany is a strong, powerful, persuasive woman who can run a country on her own and does not need me, nor any man by her side to do so.” I said. I looked over at her and she had the biggest, most real smile on her face I had seen in a long time. 
“Thank you for all those you came out tonight for a wedding…there…” 
“WAIT!” Everyone turned to the voice who had interrupted Bethany and no shock, it was Harry.

Harry came running up the aisle, causing more commotion but I no longer cared. 
“If there will be no wedding between you and Aiden, princess, I would be honored if you were to accept my hand in marriage.” Aiden stepped aside, smiling as if he was giving permission. 
“Excuse me young man.” Harry and I looked over to see my parents standing there. 
“Yes sir?” Harry said, trying to sound as confident as he could. 
“Are you offering to help my daughter run this country?” 
“Yes sir.” 
“You are saying, you love her unconditionally and will do nothing to stop her? She is the Princess you know.” 
“I do sir. And I accept that she is, indeed the one who knows how to run this country, and I do indeed accept the responsibility to follow her lead, and I do accept the task of learning by her side, and sir…I do, absolutely, love your daughter, unconditionally.” Harry said, making me want to cry. 
“And you sir…are willing to make these vows at this exact moment, right here?” Harry looked a little surprised, as did I. 
“Father?” I asked slowly. 
“Dear, we want you happy…if he is willing to do as he says, you have our blessing.” I smiled and looked at Harry. “But sir, are you willing to do as you say?” 
“I am sir.” My father nodded and all of a suddenly, before I knew what was happening, there we were, Harry and I, standing in front of the priest, getting married. 
So I guess Harry was right. At the right time, our love story was bound to happen. And here it was. 

Our Love Story. 

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