Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


25. 25

~~“Feeling any better?” Sophie asked me when I walked back inside.
“Yeah, a little.” I said, still feeling kind of sad.
“You still sound sad.” Sophie pointed out, frowning a little.”
“What do you expect Sophie? I want someone I can’t have and that only makes me want him more, which only hurts me more, resent mom and dad more, and resent myself for not standing up for myself like I know I can.”
“Then tell mom and dad you don’t want to marry Aiden!”
“It isn’t that easy Soph; that would involve losing my crown as the rightful heir and…I don’t really want to do that. I love this country too much and I have so many ideas and…I can’t give it up.”
“Not even for Harry? You’d pick being miserable for the rest of your life just for a crown over true love with someone who cares for you back without a crown?”
“It isn’t that simple Sophie. You’ll understand more when you get closer to the age where mom and dad will be on you about Niall like they are Harry and I.”
“But they already are!”
“But you still have two years to go until they force marriage upon you.” I said as I started going through racks of clothes.
When we got back to the palace later that evening, I decided I didn’t want to stay there tonight. I wanted to see Harry before the ball in a couple nights. I wanted to be able to feel his arms around me, his kisses on my lips…I needed Harry’s touch before I went insane. I walked into Sophie’s room and she was happily typing away at her laptop.
“Soph?” She looked up and gave me a half smile. I know she knew I was still upset about earlier today and she was probably upset with me for what I said picking the crown over Harry, but I needed her help.
“What’s up?”
“I need your help.”
“I need to spend the night at Harry’s.” Sophie nodded and pointed to her computer. I walked over and saw that they were actually performing right now.
“I can help you get there…and I can cover for you for tonight. Mom and dad are out at Nella’s and Mark’s castle for the night to check up on them so…it won’t be too hard.”
“How are you going to get me there?” I asked, confused.
“Come on.” She led me back to my room and found an old box of clothes that we used for when we would ride the horses; jeans and t-shirts, and hoodies. “Wear these; they’ll make you look more normal and make sure you have a hoodie to wear so you can cover your face.” I nodded as I slipped all the clothes on. After we got me dressed, we found Jill and asked her to drive me there in her car since it would stay under the radar. She agreed and we walked down to her car through all the back hallways so no one would see me.
When we pulled up to the back of the venue, I saw the boys’ limo. I smiled, kissed Jill’s cheek, thanked her, and got out of the car. I walked towards the back door and snuck in. I immediately ran into security, my luck.
“Where do you think you’re going?!” He demanded in my face with a tight grip on my one arm.
“I demand you let go of me!” I shrieked. He started laughing in my face, making me angrier. I shook my hood off and he immediately stopped laughing.
“I’m sorry your highness…I didn’t know it was you.”
“Clearly.” I said, angrily.
“Why didn’t you just go through the front door?” He asked.
“My business, not yours. Now you keep your mouth shut about me being here and I will forget this whole situation ever happened as long as you help me.” He nodded and I sighed.
“Yes, your highness.”
“Lead me to the boys’ dressing room.” He nodded and I followed, hood on my head and covering my face. Once he opened the doors, I heard loud screams and laughter; knowing it was the boys. I nodded my head and slowly walked in, hood still over my face in case something went wrong.
When I made it into the actual room, I saw them all sitting on the couch, drinking beer. I knocked on the wall and when they all looked up, I removed my hood so they didn’t freak out.
“Bethany?!” They all said in shock.
“Hello…” I whispered.
“How’d you even get in here without being seen?!” Louis asked, in shock.
“Between Sophie, Jill, and blackmailing one of your security guards…I made it in without anyone knowing.” I whispered, only looking at Harry who was only staring at me in shock.
“What exactly are you doing here?” Zayn asked.
“Sorry…I’m sorry…this was a mistake…excuse me.” I said, seeing as Harry hadn’t even said anything but just give me a blank stare. I quickly turned and walked out, trying to find my way out by myself.
“HEY!” I heard behind me. I glanced back and saw Harry chasing after me, but I didn’t stop. I was just trying to find my way out of here. I didn’t make it too far because in less than a minute, he had his hand on my arm and he pulled me into a side closet.
“Harry please let me…” Before I could finish my sentence, his lips were on mine, kissing me hard and passionately. His fingers were tangled in my hair and he had me against the wall. Something about all of this made me want him even more. I closed my eyes and reached up, running my fingers through his hair, holding on like I was never going to see him again, kissing him like I was never going to see him again.
When we pulled away, we looked up in each other’s eyes and couldn’t even form words. I reached up and ran my hand along his cheek and smiled before leaning in and kissing him again, holding onto his shirt like it was the last thing of his I would ever touch.
“You know…” Harry started between kisses. “…If you really wanted to leave, you’d know the backdoor exit is the other way.” Harry said as we continued to kiss.
“Shut up, don’t ruin it.” I whispered, trying to pull him closer to me. I felt Harry form a smile on my lips and he laughed quietly, making me smile.
“I wouldn’t want to ruin making out with you in a supply closet but we do have to get back so we can get you home and get us home.”
“I want to stay with you tonight…” I whispered, looking up at him finally and finally removing my lips from his.
“How are your parents going to take it when they find out?”
“They won’t find out as long as were stealthy about it. They’re with Mark and Nella for the night to make sure everything is getting settled in.” I whispered, playing with the buttons on his shirt.
“Well in that case…we should really get going since we only have the night.” I giggled and we kissed once more before Harry placed the hood back on my head and we rushed back to the dressing room.

I was happy Bethany had gone out for the night but I didn’t know what time mom and dad were going to be home and that’s something I wanted to figure out before they actually got home. It was too late to call them and ask, and Mark and Nella both liked Aiden so I couldn’t tell them the situation…the only other people who would know would be their driver who I knew was dead asleep at this point.
“You rang?” I looked up and saw Jill. It looked like she had just gotten back from dropping Bethany off.
“Yeah…what time will mom and dad be home?” I asked.
“I don’t know…but I can find out for you.”
“Please do…I need to be able to tell Bethany what time to be back.” Jill nodded, curtsied, and then left my room to go find out. I sighed and leaned back into bed, knowing I wasn’t going to sleep until I had my answer.

As soon as we got back to their place and we got me inside safely, Harry and I ran off to his room without trying to hide anything. We fell over onto the bed, our lips already attached to the others, lost in our feelings, forgetting about everything else; all that mattered was this moment, was us. We were pulling at each other’s clothes, wanting, needing this.
After we got each other’s clothes off, Harry slowed us down a little and took control of us and started kissing me all over, making me squirm, and making me want him so much more. The slower he went, the more I needed him.
“Harry please stop teasing me…” I begged quietly. Harry looked at me with his soft eyes and leaned in and started kissing my lips again, but slower this time as I felt his hand work his way down.
An hour later, after Harry and I had finished, he was asleep next to me and all I could do was look at him as he slept peacefully. A small smile came over my face and I snuggled up next to him and as if it was instinct, his eyes slowly opened as he wrapped his arm around me.
“You’re still awake?” He mumbled into my ear sleepily.
“Yeah…” I whispered. He kissed my head and pulled me close to him.
“Is everything okay?”
“For now.” I whispered softly.
“What do you mean?”
“This moment is perfect…let’s not ruin it.” I whispered. He nodded and yawned quietly. He closed his eyes again and drifted back to sleep as tears started to spill over my eyes.

I pretended to fall back asleep so I would see what she was talking about to an extent. I felt cold tear drops start to hit my side knowing whatever she was thinking, it couldn’t be good; involving her and me, most likely. I rolled over closer to unable to hold myself back and pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply.
“Tell me…” I whispered when I pulled away. She wiped the tears away and looked up at me.
“I thought you were asleep.”
“Please tell me what’s on your mind.” I was scared since we had just shared the most beautiful moment together.
It’s just something Sophie said…” Bethany whispered.
“What did she say?”
“It’s nothing, I swear.” 
“Bethany, please tell me.”

Here it was…I know this was bad but I needed to see if he actually wanted to keep me around. I wanted to test him and see what he thought about me giving up my kingdom. If he wanted it, I knew he just wanted to take the easy way out and if he pushed me to keep my crown, he wanted to push for more.
“Sophie said I should give my crown and kingdom up for you.” I whispered, looking into his eyes.
“You should do it! I’ll give up singing and we can run away together and be happy and…” Before Harry could finish his sentence I was out of his bed, getting dressed, crying even more. “Bethany…?” Harry sounded confused and scared. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” I demanded angrily.
“What did I say that was so wrong?!” Harry asked, finally getting out of bed and slipping basketball shorts on.
“YOU WANTED TO TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT!” I screamed into his face when he walked up to me.
“No, I want to be with you without all this stupid drama!” Harry threw back at me.
“IF YOU REALY CARED ABOUT ME AND TRUSTED ME YOU WOULD KNOW I WOULD MAKE IT WORK FOR US SOMEHOW!” I screamed back pushing him away when he tried to reach for me.
“Bethany, that’s not…that’s not what I meant…” Harry pleaded, trying to reach for my hands. I ripped my hands away from him and took a step back.
“I’m going home. Goodbye Harry.” I said, tears streaming down my face.
“Bethany, don’t leave me…” Harry begged, following me out. As I ran down the stairs, I could see all the guys looking into the hallway. That just proved they heard the whole argument. I felt Harry gently grab my arm and I ripped myself away again.
“Don’t touch me.” I demanded.
“Bethany…” I whispered.
“It’s your highness, Harry.” I shot back at him, making his face fall and go totally pale. I saw the guys in the back go into total shock. I wanted to take it back but I knew at this point I couldn’t. I had gone way too far and there was no going back. A simple argument turned into something where I would never see him again, and I think we both knew that.
“I’ll have my driver take you home…your highness.” Harry whispered. I knew I had won the argument, but I didn’t want to anymore. I wanted him to take me in his arms and kiss me and tell me that he still cared and I wanted to tell him I was sorry for reacting the way I did. I wanted things to go back to how they were an hour ago. As the car came around the front I realized people who followed the boys would know the car so I turned to him.
“I can’t go home in this.”
“Why? Is it not good enough for you?” Harry demanded, getting angry.
“People know the car. I don’t want either of us to get in trouble.” Harry scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“Fine; then let me escort you home in my car, your highness.” Harry demanded, walking us back inside.
“Are you two still fighting?” Niall called to the kitchen when he heard us walk back in.
“Sorry, the princess needs to be driven home, so I must escort her home.” Harry spat.
“Forget it; I’ll walk.” I said, walking out of the house and down the street.

I let the tears start falling as soon as I heard the front door slam shut. I sunk onto the kitchen floor and buried my face in my hands.
“Give her a ride home, asshole.” I looked up and saw Louis standing over me.
“Excuse me?” I said between sobs.
“Go give her a fucking ride home. You obviously care about her, and she obviously doesn’t think you do now so you might as well try to start winning her back.”
“It doesn’t work like that. It’s over now…wasn’t that made clear?”
“Yeah by her verbally. She still cares for you, it showed in her eyes when she walked out. It’s pretty obvious the reason she didn’t want our driver to take her home was because she wanted you to take her home. Just because she’s furious doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be around you.”
“Why do you know all of this?”
“I have four sisters mate…what don’t I know?” a small smile appeared on my face and disappeared just as fast. “Go fucking rive her home!” Louis said, pulling me off the floor and pushed me towards the door. He threw me my car keys and I ran out of the house, to my car, and floored it to go find her.

I was sobbing, trying not to draw any attention to myself even though it was the middle of the night. I knew people would still be out and I didn’t want to deal with it.
“Get in.” I looked over and saw Harry had rolled his window down as he pulled up next to me.
“Leave me alone.” Harry groaned, sped up a little, pulled over, parked the car and got out. He walked up to me and grabbed my face, and before I could push him away, our lips were already touching.
“I’m not letting you fucking walk home.” He demanded, pulling me to the car and forcibly put me in the car. He climbed in right after and locked the doors so he knew I wouldn’t get out.
“Well I was fucking fine with walking home.” She spat back as I turned back onto the road.
“You can think I don’t fucking care about you all you want BETHANY.” He put emphasis on my name knowing it would make me mad but calm me down at the same time. “But the reason I want you to give up your life is because I would fucking give up mine for you. I would drop off the face of this fucking earth to be with you! If that meant no more singing, not seeing my friends anymore; anything…I would give up my life to be with you! And when your sister mentions it, you test me with it? Is that even fair to me in the slightest?!”
“No…” I whispered after a few minutes.
“So if I didn’t care, and after you tested me with bullshit, you want to say I still don’t care since I’m the one running after you now?” I stayed quiet, still not knowing what to say. “The first thing that ever happened when we met, you bumped into me, and the look in your eyes was just pure amazement. You looked amazed by me…and I was the one who fell in love with that look in your eyes. Every time I see you looking at me, that’s the look I see in your eyes!”
“Because I think your amazing…” I whispered.
“And I think you’re fucking amazing, Bethany! I fell in love with that fucking look. I saw you dance with Aiden that one night at the masquerade ball and the look in your eyes was dull and distracted. I can read you like you wouldn’t fucking know.”
“That’s not true!”
“Fine; then tell me if I’m wrong when I say this. You’re scared shitless at what is happening, what may happen, or what already is happening between us. And you’re scared it could fuck up your whole fucking life, like I’m scared it could fuck all of mine up too if it ever to get out what is going on with us at this moment. You’re scared that the life you know is going to become a shit storm and that it will crumble around you. Correct me if I’m wrong.” I went quiet, knowing he was completely right.
“No…you’re right.” I whispered, beginning to cry again. Harry pulled over again and put the car in park again.
“Then tell me if I’m wrong when I say this.” I nodded and looked over at him. “It may turn into a shit storm, and everything might fall apart around us, but I’m willing to take that risk with you. Do you believe me?” I sucked in my breath. Hearing him say it with so much feeling and the way he looked at me as he said it made me want to believe every word he just said, which I did, I just couldn’t admit it.
“Harry…” I whispered.
“I know you agree with me, you just won’t say it.” I looked back up at him, looking shocked.
“Please don’t make me say it…”
“I won’t as long as you come back home with me. It’s one in the morning, I’m tired, and I want you next to me when I wake up tomorrow morning.” I half smiled, looking down at the ground.
“Okay.” I finally whispered.
“Good.” Harry said, turning the car around. HE still sounded angry but I knew everything would end up okay in the end with us. I had hope, I had faith, and I was ready to take whatever the world was about to throw at me. I believed we were going to make it through and that everything was going to be okay.

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