Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


24. 24

I was sitting on Bethany’s bed as I watched her getting ready. She looked like she was the walking dead; she was pale, her eyes sunken in, and she looked like she had no emotions or feelings at all. I knew what was going on between mom and Bethany seeing Harry was getting to her, but I knew today was going to be a good day for both of us.
“Are you excited for today?” I asked Bethany as she slipped on her nude heels with her light blue dress.
“What’s today again?” She asked slowly.
“We have our fittings for the charity ball; we get to pick out everything for our dresses!” I said, trying to be excited hoping it would come off on her.
“Yeah, I guess so.” She said as she pulled her black hair into a tight bun on her head and grabbed her white purse and put it over her shoulder. I envied her a little, with how sophisticated she looked, even when she was miserable.
“Hey, come on…everything will be okay!” I said, trying to make her feel a little better. She just grabbed my hand as we walked out to the car.
“As long as you’re here with me, yes, everything will be okay.” I smiled and kissed her cheek as we waited for our limo to be brought around so we could be brought into town.

When the limo came around, Sophie and I climbed in and were brought on our way to go to our tailors to have our dressed made. We were both silent in the car, not even sure either of us knew what to say with what was going on. Life was just spinning out of control for both of us at this point.
“Princesses!” Clara announced as Sophie and I walked through the doors. We smile and she curtsied.
“Hello Clara.” I said as she walked up to us.
“So is this for the Charity Ball in a few days?” Clara asked, already circling the both of us.
“Yes it is.’ Sophie said, answering for me.
“Wonderful…now Bethany, let’s start with you; what kind of dress are you looking for?” Clara asked as she led us back to her desk so she could sketch it out as I described it to her.
“I’m thinking something…light blue, like the color of the sky…with a sweetheart neckline, very flowy…and a slit down the side of it with a white lace fabric showing with jewels all alone the neckline…”
“Well…that’s certainly something you’ve never wanted before. Nothing poofy this time?” Clara asked as she sketched it out roughly.
“Not this time…I want something totally different for this ball.”
“Any reason?” Clara asked.
“No…I just think it’s time for a change.”
“I don’t think your mother will like this very much.” Clara said as she showed me her sketch, which made me smile.
“I love it.” Sophie and I said together.
“Bethany, you will look gorgeous.” Sophie said.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” Clara asked.
“Yes ma’am.” I said, nodding. Clara nodded and flipped to the next page.
“How about you Sophie, my dear?”
“I’m thinking a black dress, not too poofy but a little bit with long laced black sleeves.”
“You two are both changing it up…are you sure your mother is okay with this?”
“She isn’t the one here, we are, so she has no say.” Sophie said sassily.
“Look at you two, finally growing up and making decisions for yourself. I’m proud of you two, for finally standing up for yourself. We need more rulers like you two.” Sophie and I smiled to each other as Clara finished sketching Sophie’s dress. She showed it to her, she nodded, we paid and we head back out to the car.
“So are you ready to go home or do you want to do something?” Sophie asked me.
“How do you feel about some shopping?” I asked. Sophie smiled and nodded.
“I’m all about that. No princess can have too much of anything.” I giggled as we told the driver to take us to our favorite shopping area in London.

“Practice is miserable.” Louis grumbled as we were walking down the street to get some coffee since our rehearsal venue ran out.
“Yeah well at least they agreed to let us go on our own coffee run for a slight break.” Liam said, trying to look on the bright side. As he was saying this, a limo drove past us with the country flags on the front.
“Guys…” Niall said, pushing all of us.
“What?” Zayn asked.
“Look…” Niall said as the limo pulled over and a driver got out and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, Bethany stepped out with Sophie right behind her and as soon as they were both out and in view, photographers were already in their faces. We could vaguely hear what was being screamed at them over the screams of the other people surrounding them.
“Thank god we have our fucking hoods on and shit or this would be a terrible scene.” Zayn pointed out quietly. We all nodded in agreement as their body guard started pushing the crowd open for them as they walked towards us. Sophie and Bethany were both smiling and laughing with each other. We were all still frozen on the sidewalk and by the time they looked up, they were practically in front of us.
“Nice disguise.” Bethany said, smirking. We all looked at them and smirked.
“It’s worked for us so far.” Louis said sassily. Bethany and Sophie giggled.
“Well, have a nice day guys.” Bethany said, smiling at us.
“You too!” We all said back and they walked around us and into one of the shops.
“Why didn’t she say anything to us?” I asked Harry.
“Probably because we’re in public.” Harry said slowly, sounding sad. “Bethany didn’t even look at me, so at least Sophie looked at you.”
“Haz…” I started, realizing what he had said.
“It’s not a big deal, Niall. It really isn’t.” Harry said sadly, making me know for a fact it wasn’t okay at all. I pulled my phone out and started to text Sophie, knowing I could fix this even if only for a minute.

“Sis, come here.” I said to Bethany.
“What now, Soph? I just had the hardest moment of my life trying not to look at Harry in public…and now I feel like shit. Can’t I just shop my feelings away?” I didn’t even answer her, instead I pulled her out the back door where Harry was waiting for Bethany, looking just as confused as Bethany.
“Just so you know, Niall’s idea. Don’t take too long or shit will get suspicious.” I said, before slipping back into the store.

I couldn’t help but smile, seeing what Niall and Sophie had just done for the two of us. Without even saying anything, I just wrapped my arms around Harry’s next, taking in his perfect smell. He slowly wrapped his arms around me, making me feel like I was holding the world in my arms.
“I’ve missed you.” I whispered into his chest.
“I’ve missed you too.” Harry said, sounding sad as anything. I pulled away and looked up at him.
“What’s wrong?” I asked quietly. Harry didn’t say anything, he just gave me a sad smile and ran his fingers across my cheek.
“I don’t like being away from you…” I smiled at leaned into him and kissed him desperately.
“I don’t like it either, but one day we’ll figure this out.”
“Or you’ll marry Aiden and never see me again.”
“Stop being a downer…we’ll figure it out; I promise.”
“I hope you’re right.” Harry whispered. That’s when we started hearing voices. I quickly kissed him again and squeezed his hand.
“I’ll see you at the ball.” I kissed him again and dashed back into the store as Harry dashed around the other side of the building.

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