Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


19. 19

After a few more kisses, we stayed outside, away from everyone. We were sitting on the benches out in the courtyard, looking up at the sky.

“The stars look so pretty…” I whispered.

“They are.” Harry agreed with me. I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder. “You also look very beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” I whispered, closing my eyes. There was something so right about being with Harry; this was something I didn’t feel with Aiden, but something I wanted to feel with someone.

Around midnight, fireworks started going off and Harry pulled me back into his arms as we started kissing under the fireworks. Everything finally started to seem perfect.



“Do you want to dance with me?” Niall asked me. I quickly nodded and took Niall’s hand as he pulled me to the dance floor. We were dancing happily for awhile, but suddenly, I was forced away from Niall. I turned and saw my mom dragging me across the floor.

“What the hell, mom?!”

“It isn’t lady-like to curse!”

“Sorry…” I mumbled.

“Who was that?”

“I don’t know; he just asked me to dance.” I shrugged, hoping I was a good enough liar. My mom sighed and shook her head.

“Jayson is here; you are expected to be seen with him.” I groaned and my mom rolled her eyes.”You two will learn to love each other!”


“Where’s your sister?” I gulped. The last I saw her she was outside with Harry and I didn’t want to rat her out.

“Last I saw, she was up on the balcony.” I mumbled.

“Go find Jayson; he’s by your Aunt. I’ll get your sister.” I nodded. As soon as my mom was out of view, I pulled my phone out and quickly texted Bethany.

Mom’s coming to look for you! Come inside asap! – S

On my way! – B

I sighed of relief when I saw Bethany come running in with Harry sort of behind her. He was looking around for the boy while we made our way over to Aiden and Jayson.

“Hello Aiden; Jayson.” Bethany and I said, curtsying. They both bowed and nodded to both of us.

“How are you ladies this evening?” Aiden asked.

“Splendid.” Bethany said, smiling.

“Wonderful!” I said. Aiden nodded and Jayson was looking around, extremely bored. “How are you, Jayson?”

“Why are you talking to me?” I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Because I’m being forced to.” Bethany shuffled her feet awkwardly and glanced over her shoulder at Harry who was watching her. Next to him was Niall who was watching me. I gave him a small wave and Jayson laughed. “What?” I asked, turning back to him.

“If you like him, you should just go after him. It’s not like I would care.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Right…the whole marriage thing.”

“Yeah…I could care less about you and your feelings.”


“Shut the hell up.”

“Hey, if you want to dance with him, be my guest. I kind of like that girl over there.” Jayson said, nodding his head in another direction.

“Then please…dance with her; show my mom you could care less too.”

“anything to get myself out of this marriage shit.” Jayson said, storming away.

“Isn’t he a charmer?” Aiden said sarcastically, making us all laugh.

“Oh that’s one word for him.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I can’t…oh…there you are…” Mom said, walking back up.

“Here I am.” Bethany said, smiling.

“Great; where did Jayson go?”

“He’s hitting on that girl over there.” I said proudly, making my mom groan.

“Why didn’t you stop him?!”

“Because I hate him.” I shrugged and mom stormed off to get Jayson.

“Why is us being together so important?” Bethany asked as mom dragged Jayson back by the ear.

“You four have the heir dance together.”

“God…kill me now.” Bethany mumbled, making me giggle. Aiden shot her a weird look and she just shrugged it off. “I’m not ready for this shit.”


“Sorry…” Bethany mumbled. I giggled again and my mom shot me a glare.

“Sorry mom.”

“Stay here; I’m going to cue the band.” We nodded as our mom walked off. About a minute later, the dance floor started to clear and the dance we have been practicing started. Aiden took Bethany’s hand, and Jayson took mine…leading us to the dance floor to do the dance signaling that we were the heir’s to the throne.

After the dance, we all gathered in the dining hall for dinner at one in the morning. I had sat myself next to Niall and Bethany by Harry so we could at least have some sort of fun tonight.

After the dinner, everyone went back to dancing and mingling. I went off with Niall again and Bethany went off with Harry; no one saw us for the rest of the night, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find us. 

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