Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


17. 17

“Get up girls; it’s the day of the party! We have to start getting ready!” I groaned as I heard my mother yelling between the two rooms. She came in and flung the curtains open, allowing the sun to pour through my room and causing me to grown.

“Go away…” I mumbled, pulling the covers over my head.

“GET UP!” Mother ripped the covers off the bed, causing me to curl up from the sudden chill.

“Get out and maybe I will…” I mumbled.

“You have five minutes.” I groaned as I heard the door slam. I rolled over to feel my bed sink in even more. I opened one eye and saw Sophie lying in my bed.

“We finally get to see our dresses…”

“That’s the only good thing about this day…that and seeing the boys.”

“As long as no one saw the list…”

“I think we’ll be okay.” I whispered. We rolled out of bed and made our way down to the kitchen for breakfast before we spent the day in preparation and being pampered.

After breakfast, we were sent off to the spa. We were put in jacuzzis while our hair was washed in a separate tub and our nails were being french manicured. After that, we were sent to get facials and pedicures so our faces and toes would look perfect even though our faces and toes with both be covered.

After our facials and pedicures, we were sent to get our waxings done. After that, we were sent to makeup. At this point, it was already two in the afternoon. Our makeup took until three and after that, we were sent to hair. Sophie’s hair was curled and poofed and mine was curled and part of it was poofed and they put black flowers throughout the top. By the time our hair was done, it was almost six and the cocktail started at six thirty, but people started arriving at six.

“Are you ready to see your dresses?” Maria asked, walking in with our dress bags.

“YES!” Sophie and I said happily, making Maria and the rest of our team laugh.

“Sophie first…” Maria announced. The pulled the dress bag off and Sophie gasped. The top of the dress was a black and white pattern and the bottom was puffy, black, with silver sparkles in it. After they got it on her, they touched up her red lipstick and slipped on her four inch black pumps.

“It’s beautiful…” Sophie whispered.

“Just wait until we get the masks on you girls!” Jenna, another maid said happily. They walked over to me and pulled the dress out, making everyone in the room gasp. My dress almost looked like a wedding dress. It was tight on the top with a nice white beaded patterns on the top and as soon as it hit my hips, it poofed out tremendously.

“It’s…beautiful…” I whispered, almost liked Sophie did when she had her dress on.

“Your shoes…” I sat down as they slipped on my four inch, white pumps. They touched up my peach lip gloss and came back with two smaller boxes.

“And your masks…” Maria said. Sophie and I both held our breath, waiting. “Sophie…” She slowly opened the box and there was a black mask with glitter all over it with two black ribbons to wrap around her head.

“I love it!” Sophie said, smiling. She put the mask on, tying it and everything.

“Now you, Bethany.” I opened my box and gasped, yet again. It was a beaded mask to match my dress with a giant white flower on the left side with ribbons to tie it to my head. I quickly tied it on and looked at Sophie.

“You look perfect.” Sophie whispered.

“As do you…” I said back, making her smile.

“Are you girls ready? Guests are already arriving.” Maria pointed out. We nodded as the maids quickly made their way out so they could get to the kitchen to help with the food until Maria was the only one left with us.

“Did you drop off the letter?” I asked before we could get totally out of my room.

“I did; a blonde boy opened the door and I said it was from Bethany- he said he would deliver it to the proper person. He looked familiar…have I met the boy before?”

“He performed at my birthday…”

“The blonde one?”

“Yeah, he was one of them…”

“That would explain a lot.” Sophie and I both giggled as we made our way downstairs to the ballroom.

“Thank you Maria.” I said, kissing her head.

“You’re welcome, child. Now enjoy the ball.” I nodded as Sophie and I scurried down the stairs to get to the ballroom. 

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