Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


13. 13

“Bethany!” I heard my name being hissed. I turned and saw Harry with a black hoodie over his face. I smiled and walked over to him as I fixed my hood so it covered more of my face. If I was caught outside the palace, I would be in deep shit.

“Hello Harry.” I whispered, walking close to him. The moon lit up his eyes and smile as he grabbed my hand, pulling me to the road. “Where are we going?!”

“Somewhere we can’t get caught.” I giggled as he helped me into his car. He kept his hood on, which meant I probably should too. We drove with only the sound of background music playing softly. Harry and I were both silent, unsure of what to say.



Bethany was in my car…coming with me. She didn’t even question where I was taking her, she just came with me. It surprised me how much she trusted me.

“Here we are…” I said, pulling into my driveway.

“Is this your house?”

“Yes…” I whispered, making her giggle.

“You are right about one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“We won’t get caught here.” I laughed at her slight joke as we quickly made our way inside my house.





“Hey guys, I’m back.” I said, leading Bethany into the main room. Everyone turned to look at us and the boys jaws dropped when they saw Bethany there.

“How’d you manage to get her out of the palace…?” Zayn asked.

“I climbed out a window and snuck past the guards.” Bethany said.

“Damn…what happens if you get caught?” Louis asked.

“My life will be shit…especially if they knew I went out with a guy.”

“Why?” Niall asked.

“I’m engaged, remember?”

“Oh yeahh…” Niall said, nodding his head. Bethany giggled and fell onto the open couch. I hesitantly walked over and joined her as she sprawled out.

“So what are we doing?” She asked, turning to me.

“Whatever you want…as long as it’s in this house since we can’t get you in trouble.” I pointed out.

“Or you being seen with me…now that would cause some issues.”

“Yeah, a few.” Bethany giggled and fell back into the couch.

“I don’t even know where to start…” I laughed and flipped the TV on.

“Let me know when you figure it out.” She laughed and nodded. I turned my attention to the TV and tried not to focus on Bethany making conversation with the boys around me. Damn, she really was perfect. 

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